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Tracie Barrett is an Irish / Maori storyteller who has worked in journalism in New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, Indonesia, China, and Hong Kong. She is also a skilled hospitality professional, cook, office administrator, manager, nanny, and ocean sailor, with a love of travel, and networks around the world. Her poorly curated blog is Flight of the Kiwi

Finding Covid Normal

finding covid normal
A musician friend in Aotearoa/New Zealand was telling me about the live gigs he has been playing lately, and those he has booked, and there’s a resurgence in both audience numbers and in those staying to hear the band’s final number. I asked if he felt that was because people were valuing live music and being in a live...

Community and Connectivity

community and connectivity
Covid sucks! I want to be clear about that. This global pandemic has so far cost us more than a million lives directly, and the indirect cost is still being tallied. The aftereffects of this, particularly on those already vulnerable, will be felt for generations to come. This very physical threat has also badly impacted on most people’s financial, mental,...

The best of times, the worst of times

the best of times, the worst of times
“ … and then, COVID struck.”  As a storyteller, a reader of, and a listener and watcher of stories, I’ve been hearing the above line constantly from others, while watching it play out in my own life and the lives of those I know and love. For myself, it’s been a tale of an expected job that no longer existed, a...

Travel as a Learning Zone

travel as a learning zone
Professional photographer and videographer Aaron Michelson has seen a lot of the world but considers his birthplace of Hong Kong to be his home. The 30-year-old holds a US passport thanks to his parents and spent time in the United States every summer or winter when younger. He also holds a Hong Kong ID and is a permanent resident there, and...

‘Dying in droves’ – CovidSchooling in Milan, Italy

When coronavirus first appeared on teacher Melissa’s personal radar, she and colleagues didn’t take it very seriously. That changed quickly for the US citizen who lives and works in Lombardia, a northern region of Milan, Italy, that became the ground zero of the virus in Europe. Melissa says a couple who worked at the same school in Milan last year...

Taking a break – CovidSchooling in Manitoba, Canada

Baker Lake, Nunavut, Canada
A look at how teachers, parents and teachers are coping with schooling during the coronavirus global pandemic. Occupational therapist Tara and her husband live in the prairie province of Manitoba, Canada, with their two sons, aged 12 and 8. She says coronavirus affected her directly in early March when she was working in schools in Nunavut  - the vast, sparsely populated northernmost...

The Other Side – CovidSchooling in Beijing, China

the other side – covidschooling in beijing, china
A look at how parents, teachers and students around the world are coping with schooling during a global pandemic. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE: One thing we see with the coronavirus crisis is that the rules and expectations change daily, if not hourly. As I was doing the final edit of this article on the morning of Saturday, April 4 (Australian time), theBeijing teacher...

Designing Solutions – CovidSchooling in Far North New Zealand

designing solutions – covidschooling in far north new zealand
Remote teaching is difficult for all teachers but brings some unique challenges for Greg, a veteran teacher working in New Zealand’s far North. Greg teaches technology subjects, which in New Zealand encompasses metal work, wood work, design and technical drawing. His first stint as a teacher lasted 12 years, before he worked as a designer for 10 years in the...

Coping in Cambodia – Schooling in the Time of Covid-19

coping in cambodia – schooling in the time of covid-19
A look at how parents, teachers and students around the world are coping with schooling during a global pandemic. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- When I started interviewing Kaylene for this series, Cambodia was not in lockdown. A few days later, on Sunday, April 3, I woke to the news that the country was considering instituting a state of emergency. Two days later, Kaylene explained...

Building Communities – Schooling in the Time of Covid-19

building communities – schooling in the time of covid-19
A look at how people are coping with schooling and education in this global pandemic, and how it has affected students, parents and teachers around the world.  Carlie is a teacher aide at Brisbane Independent School, in the state capital’s western suburbs, which was attended by both her children, now 19 and 15. She says it is an “integral school,”...