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With Feeney gone, Greens sniff a chance in Batman, and has Xenophon’s bubble burst in South Australia?

With Feeney Gone, Greens Sniff A Chance In Batman, And Has Xenophon’s Bubble Burst In South Australia?
Ged Kearney has been announced as Labor’s star candidate for the inner-Melbourne seat of Batman. AAP/David Crosling On February 1, Labor’s David Feeney resigned as the member for Batman, as he could not find proof that he had renounced his British citizenship. This will trigger a byelection in Batman, which Labor could lose to the Greens. In November 2017, Labor lost the...

Far from white-washing, ABC’s Monkey Magic remake takes us back to its cross-cultural roots

Far From White-washing, Abc’s Monkey Magic Remake Takes Us Back To Its Cross-cultural Roots
The cast of The New Legends of Monkey.  ABC/IMDB The much-anticipated series premiere of The New Legends of Monkey aired last Sunday night on children’s network ABC ME and is streaming on iView. While your kids may have been enthralled by the kung foolery of it all, older viewers may have found their inner-child chucking a nostalgia-induced tantrum shouting “It’s not the...

Going to ground: how used coffee beans can help your garden and your health

Going To Ground: How Used Coffee Beans Can Help Your Garden And Your Health
Coffee’s usefulness doesn’t have to end here.  Yanadhorn/Shutterstock.com Did you know that your morning cup of coffee contributes to six million tonnes of spent coffee grounds going to landfill every year? This does not have to be the fate of your caffeine addiction and there are many opportunities to up-cycle spent coffee grounds into valuable commodities. From fresh fruit, to roasted bean, to...

Instagram is changing the way we experience art, and that’s a good thing

Instagram Is Changing The Way We Experience Art, And That’s A Good Thing
An Instagram post from Gerhard Richter’s exhibition at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art. Instagram/@gracie_yu With 800 million users and growing, it was perhaps inevitable that Instagram would shake up the art world. The social photo platform has been accused by the media of fanning a narcissistic selfie culture. But in galleries, research is showing that the negative aspects are...

Grattan on Friday: For Bill Shorten, it will be a matter of eyes left and centre

Grattan On Friday: For Bill Shorten, It Will Be A Matter Of Eyes Left And Centre
A nightmare scenario for Bill Shorten would be to lose both Batman and Longman In the early months of 2018 Bill Shorten will have the tough challenge of juggling his pitches to Labor’s two bases – its progressive and its traditional supporters. The byelection in the inner Melbourne seat of Batman, which follows the exit of Labor’s David Feeney on Thursday,...

Acting out, acting their age or something more serious? Dealing with difficult behaviour in children

Acting Out, Acting Their Age Or Something More Serious? Dealing With Difficult Behaviour In Children
For almost one in seven Australians aged four to 17 years, behaviour is significant in nature, persists over time and tends to mismatch their developmental stage At some stage in every child’s life they will exhibit defiant, impulsive or even disobedient behaviours. A lot of this is normal, but when behaviour disrupts a child’s everyday functioning, it becomes abnormal and...

Five supplements that claim to speed up weight loss – and what the science says

Five Supplements That Claim To Speed Up Weight Loss – And What The Science Says
Does caffeine speed up your metabolism? And does that help with weightloss? When you google “weight loss” the challenge to sort fact from fiction begins. These five supplements claim to speed up weight loss, but let’s see what the evidence says. 1. Raspberry ketones Raspberry ketones, sold as weight loss tablets, are chemicals found in red raspberries responsible for that distinct...

From rocket launches to a crashing space station, we’re in for a huge year in space

From Rocket Launches To A Crashing Space Station, We’re In For A Huge Year In Space
Rocket Lab successfully launched its Electron rocket from the company’s complex on the Māhia Peninsula in New Zealand. Rocket Lab A Blood Moon, a trip to the Moon and back for two explorers, a space station crashing to Earth and the launch of a new mission to find planets around other stars: these are just some of the exciting things...

Why victims of crime deserve a say in whether offenders are paroled

Why Victims Of Crime Deserve A Say In Whether Offenders Are Paroled
In Australia, a victim’s right to participate and be heard in parole decisions is enshrined in legislation. The recent release on parole of John Worboys, one of Britain’s most-prolific sex offenders, attracted controversy after his victims were not informed or consulted by the parole board. However, the law – and best practice – says they should have been. Under the UN Declaration of Basic...

The next Full Moon brings a lunar eclipse, but is it a Super Blood Blue Moon as well? That depends…

The Next Full Moon Brings A Lunar Eclipse, But Is It A Super Blood Blue Moon As Well? That Depends…
Changing colours of the Moon during a total lunar eclipse, Mt Buffalo National Park, June 16, 2011. Phil Hart A total lunar eclipse will occur on tonight, January 31, and Australia is in the perfect position to see it. But it’s also being called many other lunar things, from a Blood Moon to a Blue Moon and a Super Moon. So what...