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Walk with one shoe 4

Trembling she staggers to the corner, the street lights oozing silhouettes below majestically. Playful leaves skip across the street. The gutters wet with tears as  lovers jilted by the lies of the night cower in the darkness sobbing uncontrollably. “He said he loved me,...

Walk with one shoe – 3

walk with one shoe – 3
Its dark, the roads wet, glistening a misty rain lightly coats my face as i walk the city streets. Nomads, hoods drawn wrestle with shadows known only to themselves argue with the unseen as they scurry by. Makeshift beds litter the shopfront doorways all the...

Walk with one shoe – 2

walk with one shoe – 2
Reason When all else evades the honour of giving, reason prevails. Hero on the arm, tortured by faith in compassion she defies traceable actions of kindness, exhumes what little faith she has left in the day to humour discontent. The night draws closer the yellow...

Walk with one shoe

walk with one shoe
It’s 2 a.m, the laughing has stopped across the hall, as voices scramble for clarity, disappearing in the distance on the far side of the house. Shadows of mindless silence. The wind caresses mottled design fragments on the wall, moist spring moonlit vigilance prepares...