Ah, the chores. Let’s face it – unless you’re a particular kind of person, nobody really likes them. The mopping, the dusting, the scrubbing and the vacuuming. There are a million other things you’d probably rather be doing, like catching up on the latest Netflix series or heading out with your friends to have a night on the town. But like some things in life (work, taxes, and responsibilities) chores are unavoidable.

But what if you live in a home that has white flooring, like white tiles or white concrete, or even vinyl or lino? It can be a nightmare to keep clean.

Today we’re going to take a look at these notorious white floors, and how you can bring them back from the dead. White floors are difficult to keep clean because most spills and stains will stick out like a sore thumb. But with a little hard work and our below tips, you’ll soon be an expert at restoring them to their white brilliant glory. Read on to find out more.

The First Step – Vacuuming

The first thing you can do on your quest to achieve spotless white floors is to give the section in question a good once or twice over with a robust vacuum cleaner. The idea is to suck up all that pesky dirt and debris before you begin to mop. If your vacuum has a “powerful” setting then consider using it, as this will ensure that the most stubborn bits of muck are collected. Don’t forget to get into the corners, nooks and crannies as well – your vacuum should have a head or attachment for this.

Ideally, you want to do a thorough vacuum every week or so, but don’t hesitate to do spot cleans here and there, especially if you spill something or someone tracks some dirt or dust inside.

If you don’t have a vacuum or prefer to do things the old-fashioned way then you could consider sweeping. A broom is just as effective as vacuuming but make sure to sweep all the dirt into a corner, and then use a brush and pan to collect it.

The Second Step – Mopping

Once your white floor is vacuumed clean from all loose dirt and debris it’s time to get mopping. There are a few options here when it comes to mops. You can opt for the traditional method of a bucket filled with hot water with some bleach or detergent and a mop. This does the trick but you can run the risk of spilling the water or splashing it around, giving you more to clean up. A steam mop is probably a better option, especially if you’re cleaning white tiles. Steam mops both clean the surface area and disinfect it, stopping the spread of germs and other nasties. A hint though – don’t use steam mops on treated timber flooring as this can damage them, stick to steam for your tiles, lino, vinyl and concrete flooring.

The Third Step – Prevention

Prevention really is the best form of medicine, and this is as true for your floors as it is for your health. You want to stop your white flooring getting very dirty in the first place. Consider implementing a “no shoes” policy for both household residents and visitors. Shoes track in so much dirt and grime it’s ridiculous! A shoe cupboard at the entrance to your home gives you and your guests a place to pop their footwear.

A Shining Conclusion

Well, there we have it. A solid vacuum cleaner is the first step to spotless white floors, and a good going over with the mop is the second. Finally, prevention is the name of the game when it comes to keeping your white floor clean, so instigate a strict “shoes off” rule for your home.