3 ways to clean candy stains

Kids in our homes captivate candies by tasting. Sometimes, we adults are also attracted to candies. Companies manufacture candies in all sizes, colors, shapes, and textures. Usually, candies become sticky after getting moist.

The colored stickiness creates stains when in contact with carpets. Sometimes, the stains become hard to remove. We may try various carpet cleaning practices to remove candy stains from the carpet to no avail. Hence we have to resort to deep carpet cleaning ways. There are few methods by which we can remove deep candy stains from carpets. Let us discuss some of those ways.

DIY Debacles

We might face such scenarios when candy spills cause a deep stain on our beloved carpet. We might panic and try some ways which might not work out. Moreover, this can result in permanent damage or dyeing on the carpet. We might also lose a lot of time to figure out the best possible method to remove the stain. Then we might need a professional carpet cleaner’s help. We will now look into a few ways where we can remove candy stains.

Three ways to clean deep candy stains

  1. Scrape off the remains of the candy carefully. Use a blunt object to carry out this task. This is because, if we use a sharp object, that might damage the carpet. Use a blunt knife or a spoon. Then use a vacuum cleaner to clear the remaining candy stain.
  2. Take some warm water in a cup. Mix some liquid detergent or soap. Soak a clean towel onto the mixture. Place the towel on the stain and wipe gently on the area. After that, take a brush and gently scrub over the stain. You can now notice the stain has been removed.
  3. Take some vinegar and mix with water. Allow the moisture to seep through the stained area. You can notice the stain has now lightened. Now use a dry piece of cloth or towel and blot the wet area. Repeat this process until the stain is completely removed. After the stain has been removed, please make sure that the area has dried completely.

If the above ways did not give the desired results, the last resort is to approach a professional carpet cleaning services in Werribee. Companies that provide professional service can avoid potential mishaps that might happen during self-service. They use the most powerful equipment that can clean carpets with ease. They can adopt many cleaning methods like steam cleaning, dry cleaning, hot water extraction, bonnet cleaning based on the severity of the candy stains. So, They use the best cleaning products that can clean and protect at the same time.

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