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In Asia I don’t normally send back food when served the wrong item; I take it as fate inviting me to try something different. But today when I asked for “No.106 seafood noodle soup” and got “No.105 meat organs” (ie offal), I had to act. It was the gristle ball that looked like a burst testicle. Cook and waitress were cranky but it was a good decision: the seafood was delicious. The bill, though, jumped from 10,000 riel to 13,000 riel (US$3.25), so they’ve charged me a “nuisance fee”. I got even – I made the waitress go and get change for a US$20 note. Haha. Oh, the little things that amuse me on my travels…

126 The Noodle Factory, Phnom Penh

1.2.6. – grab your chopsticks1.2.6. – grab your chopsticks1.2.6. – grab your chopsticks1.2.6. – grab your chopsticks

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Greg Hackett

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