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Smart air travel

smart air travel
What is a night’s sleep worth? Even just a fitfull, semi-snooze during an international flight? As economy class travellers (which, let’s face it, is the vast majority), is a more expensive airfare worth the “investment” to arrive relatively refreshed ready for action, rather than...

Eden’s Gem

eden’s gem
The first cruise ship has docked at Eden port since the region’s bushfires catastrophe – an encouraging early sign of tourism recovery. The Norwegian Jewel brings 2000 passengers for on-shore tours and activities, which will help the local economy. Though the bushfire season is not...

Open letter to UK travellers

open letter to uk travellers
Dear UK travellers, Please visit Australia. We are a friendly bunch, with a continent full of unique wonders, and you get an embarrassingly fabulous exchange rate on your money. Contrary to our Govt’s silly marketing, most Australians do not have “plastic” faces with collagen lips and...

A waspish visitor for breakfast

What it is I do not know. Nor do I want to find out, right now. Wildlife is best left alone, methinks. Vung Tau, Vietnam 2019 The post A waspish visitor for breakfast appeared first on HaxTrax.

Why does ‘good’ often taste so bad?

why does ‘good’ often taste so bad?
The lovely ladies here reckon I need something healthier than iced coffee, BBQ scallops and Tiger beer. Hence: rau má, AKA pennywort or Centella asiatica. I gave it a go: ever imagined what the water would taste like after you’ve hosed underneath the lawn mower? I doubt...

Fare’s fair: travel smart

fare’s fair: travel smart
#TravelSmart: why give that extra money to Qantas if the flight is Jetstar anyway? If needed, buy a Jetstar fare with extra baggage allowance. Always check the better offerings from Vietnam Airlines, Thai Airways, Singapore Airlines, Virgin Australia to Bali etc. Travel smart and travel happy.   The...

Virgin Air’s Bali bargain

virgin air’s bali bargain
Anyone for Bali? Virgin Australia has fares $299 one way and $499 return Melbourne to Bali to mark the launch of the airline’s new route. It includes 23kg of baggage – that’s a great price. The economy fares are on sale until Monday November 25,...

Sold on the performance

sold on the performance
Olivier, Gielgud, Jacobi, This Old Duck: the great performances of our time. The weathered, forlorn face and the old, crooked body … irresistible to the successful young couples in Vung Tau on their weekend break from HCMC – they just have to stop and...

Monkey versus Flea. Flea is winning.

monkey versus flea. flea is winning.
“Who’s idea was it for me to wear ‘hair product’?” A pet monkey would be fun … but I believe they are best left in their natural habitat, where we can still watch and enjoy them. Vung Tau, Vietnam 2019 The post Monkey versus Flea....

Where locals live, laugh and eat together

where locals live, laugh and eat together
Wood smoke, big pot boiling meat, cool sea breeze: stroll down a narrow hem (laneway) off the busy main road, and discover an open enclave where the locals live, laugh and gather to eat as a community. Hidden in the heart of tourism, Back...