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Crispy Rice ‘Puff’ is Good Stuff

Vietnam Lunch: the young bloke next to me was eating a plateful of these, with rice. Being of daring spirit and with a yearn to learn, I had to try one too. Delicious! Similar to a Cantonese ham sui gok, it is a light, hollow, doughy “puff” coated in baked rice “bubbles” (a la crispy rice crackers) and, I presume,...

Vietnam Lunch is ‘One With The Lot’

Vietnam lunch is a “one with the lot”. A big queue was happening at this Nha Trang street food stall – building labourers, office workers, they were pulling up on their motor scooters; the family running the stall were working like clockwork, filling take-away containers and ladening plates. They all seemed to be ordering rice with a bit of...

Traditional Vietnamese Wedding is a Feast of Fun

Traditional Vietnamese wedding near nha Trang: what an honour to be invited, by Dung to the wedding of one of her work staff. They are so courteous and friendly. Two fun & friendly hours of eating, speeches, eating, singing, eating, hand-shaking, eating, pics, eating …(videos to come)

Breaking Bread With Broken Rice: “Quiche Nha Trang”

Chà com tâm is a cold “pie” made with broken rice, cucumber and eggs – this version tastes also of mushrooms and salty fish sauce, adorned with red chillies. It’s like quiche Lorraine … shall we call it “Quiche Nha Trang”? On the topic of “broken rice”, one evening I chatted to an American in the Muster Bar in Vung Tau...

A Quiet Time in Nha Trang’s Riverside

Simply a nice pic of the quiet, shady, placid streets in Nha Trang’s Riverside residential area. Only a half-hour walk – but a far cry – from the hectic Beachside, constantly buzzing with a billion motorbikes, delivery vehicles and tourists. It would be fair to think the Riverside area now is where the “smart money” is being invested …

Coffee is Gold, in Vietnam

Nha Trang Riverside: Beautiful new mansions. I’m guessing the owners might be coffee merchants? In Vietnam today, coffee is “gold”; in the 19th Century Gold Rush, merchants selling supplies to the prospectors became the millionaires. Here, start the day with a tin phin drip coffee, with ice and “sweet milk” …

Mid-Morning Munchies

Having the 10.30s. Between breakfast and the noon lunch/nap. Perhaps South-East Asians know the benefits of keeping the tummy “topped up”. I recall Tolkien referring to Hobbits enjoying “Elevenses”. And why not here in Nha Trang, Vietnam, when food like this is so simple, nutritious and delicious. Street BBQ chicken with egg, rice and salad. 30k dong (less than AUD$2)

Throwing Out Shoes is a Big Deal for a Bloke

Goodbye to the Phu Quoc “Qrocs”. They have served me so loyally, trekking through many a South-East Asian “wet” market, the Vietnam jungle between bars, over searing sands of beaches, in airports and on planes, and 2 years of Lockdown in St Kilda. But the time has come to move on, so in the bin they go … (Feel free to...

Good Food at a Good Price

“When in Rome do … something different every day” That’s my take on it, anyway. Lunch is Korean franchise ChickenPlus in Nha Trang, Vietnam: it is quite a feast, too, for 105k dong (AUD$6.50). Fried chicken, french fries and a bottle of water; plus the salad bar at no extra cost. Must “pass” on the steamed rice and buns today (the...

Peeling Prawns is Exercise, Yes?

I’ve had plenty on my plate, this Vietnam trip, but “exercise” has been missing. Peeling prawns is exercise, yes? Job’s done! Add some boiled chicken off-cuts, greens and rice, and that’s lunch for today.50k dong (AUD$3)