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Simply suppli on a hot sunny day

32 degrees on a sunny day, and lunch is iced coffee with “arancini bolognese”. The fried suppli host a golden stream of molten mozzarella, to be tamed with the cold bolognese side dish – memories of watching a Hawaiian lava flow surrender to the cool...

Baker in the Rye with a chicken pie

It looks like a pie. That’s always a good start. Thai chicken pie. The Thai would be the hint of almost elusive chilli, the chicken would be the strands of pulled “poulet”. Mild flavour without the all-too-common salt assault. Yes, this is a good pie...

Taste of Freedom is a Big Brekky Brioche

A beautiful spring morning and a Big Brekky Brioche. Cheese, egg perfectly fried with that only just juicy yolk, spinach and multi layers of bacon. The spicy sweetness of the sesame seeded brioche bun and home-made tomato chutney is reminiscent of the French South...

Lockdown: Longing for crumpet

I don’t care. It’s Friday and I’ve earned it. Real butter on crumpets. Wholesome wholemeal crumpets. It’s been too long between crumpet. If this sight offends you, look away for 5 minutes. No, make it 10 minutes – I might have another. With real Canadian...

No ‘celebrity chef’ mishmash, this is real advice

“Who’s too lazy to mash potatoes,” I was muttering, when a lovely old biddy – septuagenarian at least, with gnarled knuckles and hair in the little old ladies’ scarf – tapped my shoulder and gently said: “The best mashed potatoes I’ve ever had. I’ve...

Unsalted insulted

unsalted insulted
Who buys UNSALTED butter? (Besides stupid me, not paying attention.) It makes the taste buds lazy. That’s like decaf coffee, light beer, fat-free ice cream, vegan Four ‘N Twenty – an insult to the Universe and the natural order of things. Now, where’s my Saxa salt …

Lunch is a Journey in St Kilda

It’s a new Winter, a new Covid strain, a new pie shape. Seemingly hidden on the wind swept, litter strewn Fitzroy Street – empty but for a homeless, toothless woman who is camped beween the two deserted kebab joints and is haranguing myself and...

Scottish fish ‘n’ chips – at home

Lunch: steak of Scottish haddock with cheddar & leek melt, in a golden crumb, served with straight cut chips drizzled with Modena balsamic vinegar and a dusting of genuine Saxa seasoning. (Aldi fish cake with frozen chips, and table salt, cooked in air fryer. If...

Healthy Holiday Hack: try Lake Mac

Healthy Holiday Hack: you have to like the sound of that. Sydney’s Lake Macquarie is a huge well of wellness. Publicist Georgia Cook guides us with some great travel options … Wellness tourism is one of the fastest growing segments in travel and Lake Macquarie, a...

Autumn morning 2021

Nature at work. Intricate, enduring, useful, beautiful. St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia.