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Day Tripping to Epping

These hills that greet visitors on Melbourne’s northern approaches once were dotted with sheep and rocks. Now they are blanketed with houses and huge shopping centres. For lunch, a taste of Japanese tonkatsu at Happy Valley. Not fancy, just crumbed pork with udon noodles, vege and egg in a curry, heated by a cute, gimmicky blue gel tealight. A...

Evening Serenity

evening serenity
Magenta sunset brings calm on the Mekong River/ Tonle Sap, in Cambodia, 2015. The floating vegetation are clumps of hyacinth.

Instant noodles have their place, but …

instant noodles have their place, but …
Food TV in 2021? A “serious” doco on how Maggi instant noodles is now integral in the modern cuisines of the World – India, Singapore etc. No kidding. Chefs, CEOs, experts all trotted out to opine about Maggi noodles in a super cheap production with a cringeful, faceless, English “voice over” commentary. THIS, shown after enjoying a superb Rick Stein update on...

Grandma has boozy breath after brekky?

grandma has boozy breath after brekky?
Marmalade meets sav blanc. Artisanal (?) orange fruit preserve infused with sauvignon blanc wine (0.1% alcohol by volume). Verdict: yes, zesty tasty. $4 at ALDI Australia

Travel can be a bit ‘touch and go’

The experiences of a Travel Editor can at times seem a little too hands on, as Greg Hackett recalls with a laugh If I moved any farther away from him, I would be hanging out of the limo’s door. I should have wised up when the two publicity girls quietly took me aside, before the limousine ride from the airport...

Off-the-shelf pasta pesto

This little one was on the “bargain shelf” at Woolies. (The sauce, not the dog.) Not bad for an “off-shelf” pasta pesto. Ingredients include orange, tomato, almonds, capsicum, and pecorino romano cheese. Add a dollop of egg mayo for extra creaminess. Would suit eggplant, chicken or try steamed mussels/scallops …

Big Jack or Fake Mac?

big jack or fake mac?
The beast in all its glory: meet the Big Jack, the burger that’s giving McDonald’s so much indigestion. Maccas is suing Hungry Jacks, claiming the Big Jack is a fake Big Mac. Taste test: Jack gives the Mac a run for its money with salt and fat content but I reckon it outperforms the Mac for sugar overkill; the “special...

A man’s boots

a man’s boots
We are gathered here today to honor and pay tribute to the life of a great pair of leather boots. Their reliability was unparalleled, their comfort never in question, their dedication above reproach. While so many just talked the talked, these boots walked the walk … traversing St Kilda’s many cobblestone alleys and backstreets, grassy parks and sandy foreshores....

Pork perfection

pork perfection
Form a queue please, no pushing in: pork sausages pan-fried with pepper, rosemary, Worcestershire sauce and served on wholemeal with garlic & herb mustard, and Colway (semi) hot English mustard. Enjoyed on the sunlit, open window balcony …

Food Tester: Flamin’ Hot Cheeto Puffs

food tester: flamin’ hot cheeto puffs
Hot, sweet, spicy and addictive: Think of a steamy night dancing with a beautiful woman in Buenos Aries … no, scratch that thought. This is nothing like that, this is just sh*t food. Pink dyed cheesy puffy thingies. Yes, they are hot. I’m guessing it’s hot paprika? Caution: keep out of reach of children and best consumed with much...