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For everything you need to know about your With One Voice community please visit www.creativityaustralia.org.au

Hello WOV Supporters!

Hoping this Newsletter finds you all well as can be. Here in Melbourne (HQ) we are quite enjoying the weather creeping into Spring. It’s certainly in the air!  And as Covid continues to present twists for most of us across Australia we wish you peace, health and resilience. 

We continue to Live-stream our wonderful conductors, so if you find yourself in lockdown (or not!) do join us for a fun filled week at facebook.com/WOVLive. We are currently live Mon-Thurs evenings. Everyone across the globe is welcome, so invite your friends and help us help you keep a smile on that dial 🙂 Click here for a flashback to 2020 live-streaming highlights!

In other news, we have completed and published our Annual Report for 2020! plus we’re having a great time producing the Conductor Development Course that will be offered to our conductors and beyond! It’s the first of its kind and we look forward to sharing it with you. Our Seed Funding Grant opportunity Round 17 is in action and applications close 5pm, 31st August. 

As always we encourage anyone who is struggling during this time of a new year, new ways and changes to reach out and seek some guidance forward, even if it’s a small step. Contact Beyond Blue (1300 22 4636), Samaritans (13 52 47) and Lifeline (13 11 14).

Until next time, keep smiling and hope you continue to share the joy of singing amongst the WOV community and friends. Take care everyone.

With best regards,
The CA Team 


Creativity Australia’s Annual Report 2020 is up! 
Full of information summarising the year that was..

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