sliding door

The door is the most important part of a house. When people visit your house or enter the room, the first thing they notice is a door, and it creates the first impression of a house. Beautiful and luxurious doors add to the charm of a house.

When people are looking for house construction or renovation, they are particular about each and everything of that house including

  • Infrastructure
  • Paint color
  • Windows
  • Interior doors
  • Exterior house designing

Function of Door

Doors have Following Functions in a House

Sliding door for home

  1. They provide security to the house.
  2. They maintain privacy between the rooms.
  3. They act as a link between the external environment and house, as well as between different rooms of a house.
  4. They isolate the house from the external environment. It is very helpful because they don’t have to face the noise and air pollution.
  5. They enhance the beauty of the house or rooms.
  6. During an emergency, it helps people to run out.
  7. During fire tragedies, it fastens the cooling process.
  8. It stops animals or insects from entering the house.
  9. When the door opens, it functions similar to the windows, providing light and air to the house.

Types of Door

There are several Types of Door Including

  • Swinging door
  • Revolving door
  • French door
  • Glazed door
  • Flush door
  • Pivot door
  • Folding door
  • French door

Sliding vs French door

French door

If you are thinking to get new doors in your house and you are confused between sliding and French doors so, you should definitely read this article. Here, we are going to answer you that “sliding door vs french door- Which is better?”

Sliding door

Sliding doors are also known as gliding patio doors. The opening and closing of these doors occur by the sliding mechanism. They come along a screen or net door, so you can open the door without getting worried about insects entering your house.

French door

They are traditional style doors, which can open inward or outward in both directions. They are similar to the swinging and hinged doors.

  • Cost

 Sliding door: The sliding doors are comparatively less expensive. However, there is not a huge price difference between both the doors because the pricing mostly depends on several factors like style, design, glazing, material and the installation price.

In general, a sliding door is cheaper because of its easy installation and less expensive material. If we only talk about the material, the price of these doors starts from $300.

 French door: The French doors are comparatively expensive, mainly due to their installation charges. There are different materials like wood, timber, fiberglass used in the making of these doors. The type of material and designing adds to the price.

If we use similar quality material for both the doors, then the average cost of these doors is 20-25% greater than the sliding doors.

  • Design

Sliding door design

Sliding door: They are comparatively smaller size and modern doors. The frame is made up of materials like aluminum, wood or timber while the center is made up of glass. They are a good choice or a long area and frame. They may one or more than one panels and are available in a variety of styles.

French door: French doors have a broader framework and require a greater area. If you are a traditional architecture admirer, then this type of doors is the best option for you. The frame is made up of wood, timber or fiberglass.

They may have two or more panels. The door can open in both directions. The design of these doors gives a more luxurious look to your house.

  • Colors

Sliding door: There is a variety of color options for sliding doors. If you desire something different and fancy, you can also apply printed colorful covers and sheets on this type of door.

French door: They are available in a few color ranges and styles. Mostly these windows are white, black or brown colored. If you wish to change the colors of this type of doors, you can paint them.

  • Securitysliding door

Sliding door: These doors have several lock systems that improve security.

French door: There are several glass grades available in French doors. Make sure you choose a high-quality glass to prevent any breakage. The high-grade glasses have less weak points, so breakage or cracking becomes difficult. You can install several lock systems in these doors as well.

  • Installation

Sliding door: It is easy and less expensive to install sliding doors. For the installation of these types of doors, fewer workers are required, and even if you learn the technique, you can yourself install these doors.

French door: The installation of the French door is expensive comparatively and requires costly material for it. The process can only be done by experts, and you cannot install these types of windows through DIY.

  • Maintenance

Sliding door: Sliding doors require more maintenance as compared to the French door because of its operability. The sliding doors are attached with rods, which requires frequent cleaning and maintenance. However, it is mostly cleaning related and is cheap.

French door: It is a high maintenance door but does not require regular maintenance.

  • Space consumption

Sliding door: These doors are available in a wide range of sizes. They can fix in small door frames. Another advantage of these types of doors is that they open and close through sliding, so they do not consume space for moving the whole door.

French door: These doors can cover the whole wall in a small house. They are installed in the broad and bigger framework.

  • Durable

Sliding door: Comparatively these doors have a shorter life because of the track present in these doors. The tracks get rust or dirt in them, which require maintenance. Sometimes the cleaning does not work, and you have to change the whole door.

French door: These doors are a good investment if you are looking for long-lasting doors. They may require maintenance if any incident happens like glass breakage but other than that these doors are a good choice.

  • Outside view

Outside View of slider

Sliding door: At a time, you can only open half of the width, so the view is not that broad and wide. Another drawback is the screen or net door, which obstructs the outer view.

French door: They do not have a screen, so obstruction is not an issue. They can open wide, providing a better view.

  • Energy efficiency

Sliding door: They have a screen door, so the natural ventilation can enter through these doors. The slides are attached parallel to each other, giving a more firm structure. New models are double-glazed having thicker glass so they can be better options than the French doors.

French door: They can stop heat and cold better than the slide doors, but with time, the efficiency can reduce.

Final Talk

If we compare functions and cost of both the doors, so for smaller houses, slide doors are a better option. If you have a big house and you want a luxurious traditional style door, then you can go for a French door.