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What a year it’s been. We feel very grateful to be part of the extraordinarily committed, creative and supportive community that is the arts sector in Victoria. Though fraught with challenges, limitations and isolation, this has also been a year of innovation, resilience and compassion.

We would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported Linden this year, by visiting the gallery, signing up to our e-newsletters, donating your time or writing to us with positive feedback. We offer our sincere gratitude to everyone who has supported us financially, ensuring that we could thrive, even in 2020! 

On behalf of the Linden team and all of our supporters, we would like to extend a huge thank you to the artists who have shown with us this year. We’re so inspired by the work you do, even in the midst of so many obstacles.

As we head into the holidays, we wanted to reflect on all that we have achieved this year. We hope you enjoy these highlights!


We kicked off the year with a new, beautifully designed website.

In February we launched three powerful solo exhibitions by Karla Dickens, Robert Fielding and Jacqui Stockdale, for which we enjoyed our only public opening and smoking ceremony for the year.

As we faced the necessary restrictions and closures brought by the pandemic, we responded by presenting these exhibitions virtually and extending them to include audio tours from the artists, multi-lingual tours and kids’ activities.

We created a new webpage on our site to support people through the periods of lockdown, which included recipes, podcasts, playlists, stories from artists, a host of arty activities for adults and kids as well as mental health resources.

This worked in tandem with our fortnightly themed e-newsletters that aimed to provide solace through practical and uplifting content both from the artworld and the imagination of the Linden team.

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We rounded out the year by celebrating the 30th birthday of the Linden Postcard Show. This included a special exhibition of artworks by past winners presented firstly in an online gallery, following our first ever online opening event, streamed live on Facebook and YouTube.

+ Visit the Linden Postcard Show 30th Birthday Celebration

We were delighted to be able to return to the gallery in November to install over 1000 artworks for the Linden Postcard Show 2020-21 and the 30th Birthday exhibition in real life.

These exhibitions will run until 31 January, so please be sure the book your spot to visit. Alternatively, you can view the show and buy the works online via our website.

+ Visit the Linden Postcard Show 2020-21


2020 has seen us deliver our events online, opening them up to an interstate and international audience. Jacqui Stockdale joined us for a weird and wonderful zoom masquerade. The artist Julia de Ville also joined us to give a virtual tour of her 2018 show Wholeness and the Implicit Order, and to talk about her work then and now.

2021 > WHAT’S NEXT?

Opening on 13 February 2021, we are so excited to be presenting solo exhibitions by Ash Keating, Nicholas Folland and Troy Emery.

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Wednesday 20 January 2021, 6PM

Join this year’s Linden Postcard Show 2020-21 winning artists in conversation with curator, Juliette Hanson. Learn about their practice, artistic process and their connection with the iconic Linden Postcard Show.

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We’ve got lots for kids these school holidays!


Free, online activity until 31 January 2021

Make a time capsule to discover in the future!

This year has been a big year! We have done so many new things and overcome so many different obstacles. The world is always changing and so are we. This might be a special year to remember in a time capsule.

A time capsule stores objects and letters from a moment in time that is hidden away or buried for discovery in the future.

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Free, online activity until 31 January 2021

Choose to explore the artworks in the gallery or at home from the 30th Birthday Celebration exhibition of the Linden Postcard Show. There are three creative activities to enjoy including;

> What is in the room? with Prudence Flint
> Build your memory place with Michael Kluge, and
> Imagine you are in the sky with Steffie Wallace.

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Saturday 9 to Sunday 17 January 2021, FREE, drop-in to gallery 

In partnership with NGV Kids on Tour, Linden is excited to continue our school holiday activities with a TAKE-HOME ART PACK for all ages.

To everyone in the Linden family, we would like to wish you every happiness and many moments of joy for the holiday season.

We are looking forward to seeing much more of you in 2021.

Melinda, Juliette, Lyn, Jasmin, Mathieu, Chloé, Ada, Hana and Clare

The Linden team.

IMAGES > Smoking ceremony during Karla Dickens, Robert Fielding and Jacqui Stockdale’s opening. Photograph: Theresa Harrison Photography. > Visitors during Robert Fielding’s opening. Photograph: Theresa Harrison Photography. > Linden New Art Website. Design: Mathieu Vendeville. > On Holidays at Linden, Kelly HorsesPhotograph: Jacqui Stockdale. > Equilibrium (Mobile) activity. Photograph: Jasmin McNeill > Linden Postcard Show 30th Birthday Celebration Online gallery. Kunstmatrix screen capture. > Linden Postcard Show 30th Birthday Celebration [installation view]. Photograph: Theresa Harrison Photography. > Linden Postcard Show 2020-21 [installation view]. Photograph: Theresa Harrison Photography. > Cyber Masquerade with Jacqui Stockdale. Zoom screenshot > Julia deVille virtual tour. Zoom screenshot > Linden Postcard Show 30th Birthday Celebration Virtual opening. Photograph: Theresa Harrison Photography. > Ash Keating painting. Photograph by Dan Preston. > Troy Emery, pink orchid, 2020. Image courtesy of the artist and Martin Browne Contemporary. > Nicholas Folland, Untitled (36 – 39), 2016. Image courtesy of the artist and Tolarno Galleries. Photograph Andrew Curtis. > Kent Morris, Never Alone, 2020. Image courtesy of the artist. > Time Capsule. Photograph: Jasmin McNeill > Prudence Flint, The Waiting, 2020. Image courtesy of the artist. > Alice Oehr art activities. Photograph by Amelia Stanwix. Image courtesy of the artist & National Gallery of Victoria. > Christmas Image. Photo by Anna Popović on Unsplash.

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