These are personal anecdotes of important meetings over
the years with stars by Tony and/or Lionel.

Remembering Ruth Peterkin.
The Dutch Piaf – Fif Lámour Dedication.
 Vivienne Westwood and Deborah Thomas in the 1990’s.
Kylie Minogue.
Nick Seymour, Crowded House.
Jesus Christ Superstar with David Hobson.
Polly Waffles with Bill Clinton, John Thwaites, and Steven Bracks.
Jane Harrison, playright of Stolen, and Rainbows End .
Girls night Out !, based on an extract by Dolores of her upcoming book.
A Tribute presentation for Troy Davies.
Dr Cecil Burney, USA.
Opening nite, Lindsay Kemp, FLOWERS.
Brothers Mick and Stephen Prealongo.
Jim Nicholls, an artist and Gentleman.
Elton John, Molly Meldrum, Quentin Crisp, and Dame Edna Everidge !
Clay Hawkins
James Mollison.
Paul Kelly.
State Premiers other than at the opera
Bob Dylan.
Upcoming Celebrity anecdotes by Lionel.