In your courting days, all you could think of was whispering sweet nothings in your partner’s ears, doing small little things that made the other one smile and you left no stone unturned to please each other. But as time passes, married couples get so used to being with each other that they forget doing those special things that made the relationship exciting in the initial days. Romance often takes a back seat and other responsibilities and commitments take over the minds. And before you know, married life becomes devoid of romance, warmth, and excitement. Instead, couples start getting more and more irritable with each other as the expectations of a romantic relationship continue to be there, but nobody makes the right move.

And this is where most couples go wrong. Romance is something that keeps the relationship fresh and flourishing. Without making that extra effort to add romance in marriage, the relationship stagnates and the two drift apart. But there are a few things you can do to add romance to your relationship.

Here’s how to be more romantic in marriage:

Be mindful of your appearance.

Once the initial romance and courtship are over, couples stop making an effort to look good for each other. From being in good shape, dressing up nicely, and making an effort to look nice for your partner, you must invest in your appearance. And this is not limited to the time when you are going out. Even when you are at home, ensure that you don’t displease your partner. If your wife doesn’t like you roaming around in your dirty shorts or if your husband has a problem with your old nightdress, shed it from your wardrobe. Not making an effort to look pleasing and appealing to the other is a signal that your partner’s preference no longer matters to you.

Tell them you love them.

Saying I love you is always a good idea. Everyone wants to be loved and likes to hear that once in a while. Never shy away from expressing your feelings with some nice words. Compliment your partner now and then. Share your dreams, plans, tell them how being married to them has changed your life for good, emphasize their qualities, greet each other with a kiss, tell them how their presence means the world to you. These words will make them feel important, wanted, and desired.

Gently touch each other.

Physical touch means a lot in a romantic relationship. It brings people closer and increases intimacy. Women often complain that their men touch them only when they want sex. Women like being gently touched, caressed, cuddled, hugged, and kissed frequently. It lets them know that their husbands are still interested in them. Men also like to be gently caressed and comforted by their wives. So, make sure your relationship is not devoid of this meaningful intimacy. Gently stroking her hair, putting your hand around her waist, or caressing her face will add more romance to your days.

Make time to be alone with each other.

Spending time alone with each other is one of the best ways to add romance to marriage. A couple with kids find it especially difficult to find that window where they are alone without the kids bothering them. But you must adjust your routines in such a way that there is a specific window just for the two of you. In this period, you can go for walks, watch a movie together, attend a concert, take a cooking class or go for a fun workshop. Planning a weekend getaway is also a great way of rekindling the romance in marriage. Leave your worries away and spend two days just with your partner.

Make love as you did before

Remember when you were dating or were new into your marriage? You couldn’t keep your hands off each other. Making love and spending time in bed was all you could think of. And it was so exciting. Try to replicate that time by trying new things in bed. Sex in married couples often becomes monotonous and boring as there is no excitement left. You need to reignite that fire. Try sex toys, read erotic books or watch erotic movies together, try out your fantasies or simply talk dirty to each other before jumping into the act. These things will give your sex life a whole new perspective.

Have a life away from your partner

While marriage is about staying together and doing fun things as a couple, it is equally important to spend time away from each other. This is why it is a must to have a life outside of your marriage. This will give you a break from your married life and help you rejuvenate. After an evening well-spent with your pals, coming back to your partner will help you find a stronger connection. Give time to yourself to miss your partner. And once you meet each other after spending a few days or hours away from them, it will be like a whole new reunion.

Keeping the romance alive in a marriage is no rocket since. You just need to put in a little more effort than what you have been doing. The love is very much there, only the romantic string in you has been overshadowed by several other responsibilities you are burdened with. But don’t miss out on the magic of romance in marriage. It is what brought the two of you together, remember?

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