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Find out what are the benefits of hemp oil



The beneficial effects of hemp oil on health

Fresh hemp oil contains a lot of ingredients valuable for health. It includes omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. It should be emphasized that they are contained in the proportions of 3:1 ideal for the body. Thanks to this, hemp oil reduces excessively high blood sugar, strengthens blood vessels, affects better functioning of the kidneys and liver. Among the vitamins and minerals found in hemp oil are, other vitamins A, E, K and B, as well as zinc, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. All these ingredients make it very beneficial to the entire body: improves the functioning of the immune system, affects the endocrine system, regulates its work and alleviates PMS symptoms, regulates the level of lipids in the body, reducing the risk of heart disease and atherosclerosis. It should be remembered that such benefits can only be gained by consuming cold-pressed hemp oil, which is not subjected to the refining process. Add fresh hemp oil to salads, groats and sandwiches, and you will quickly feel its beneficial effect on your health and appearance. It is important to use hemp oil only cold. It’s worth knowing, that due to the low smoke point, hemp oil cannot be used for baking, frying or cooking. During heat treatment, the oil produces harmful chemical compounds and loses valuable properties.

Hemp oil for skin and hair

The nutritional values of hemp oil can be used not only in the kitchen but also during cosmetic treatments, to protect the skin and strengthen the hair. The oil spreads well and does not leave the impression of being too greasy. You can use it in its pure form or as part of cosmetics. Here’s how you can use it: apply the oil on the skin of the face to prevent acne blemishes and to mattify oily and combination skin; as protection against air pollution and UV rays; for better skin hydration and anti-wrinkle effect; apply to hair and scalp as part of a conditioner- the hair will be shinier and easier to detangle; it can be used by allergy sufferers and people with hypersensitive skin or chronic dermatoses. Hemp oil is great for relieving pressure ulcers or itching. The use of hemp oil soothes irritation and dryness and lightens skin discolouration. At Verde Remedy online store there are high-quality hemp seed oil moisturisers that help soothe and nourish the skin. You can also remove makeup with it if cosmetics is available on the market cause skin irritation. It will dissolve the applied make-up and allow it to be easily removed. Also, when hemp oil is rubbed into the weakened nails nourishes them perfectly and make them stronger. Hemp oil as care and protective agent can be used all year round. It owes its excellent action mainly to the content of acids, including linoleic and alpha-linolenic. It should be noted that it will not harm even people prone to allergies. Hemp oil as care and protective agent can be used all year round. In the cooler half of the year, it’s best to use preparations containing 25-50% of oil, while in spring and summer, choose cosmetics with a lower hemp oil content.

How to choose the best hemp oil?

It is essential to ensure that hemp seed oil comes from a reliable manufacturer. Best if the products are GMP certified (Good Manufacturing Processes) and lab-tested – like all the products from Verde Remedy online store. The most important thing is to keep the oil fresh at all times. It cannot be oil that sits on store shelves for a long time, where it is exposed to the adverse effects of light and where it becomes rancid. Hemp oil should always be in a dark bottle, stored in a refrigerator, not exposed to sunlight

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