New Music from Alex Baudo

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Alex was born in Rome, Italy, in 1962, but has lived for most of his life in North America and Australia, where he has pursued professionally his love of music and musical performance. Over the years, Alex has released many albums.

Before embarking on a solo career, Alex started out his “musical life” playing the drums, an instrument he continues to love dearly. In fact, he worked initially, and for many years, as a freelance drummer doing session work and playing on different tours with such well-known Australian artists as Paul Kelly, Russell Morris and Ian Moss, among others. By the time he was in his early twenties, though, he came to feel a strong impulse to expand his talents, so to speak, and to take his musical interest in a new direction.

Instead of remaining exclusively a drummer, he wanted to open up a path for himself as a singer-performer and song-writer. In this new artistic vein, Alex felt he could explore the richness of the musical world of rock, blues and soul with an intensity and immersion that better suited his own ideas of what he wanted to achieve professionally and creatively as a performing musician. In 1992, he successfully released “Alex Formosa” in Canada, which was his very first solo album.

Two tracks from this album made it to “Top 10” positions in that country’s adult contemporary market. Throughout the 1990s, Alex continued his work, either touring as a solo act or being part of various side projects as a backing musician. By this time, Alex also started to use the surname of his natural father Pippo Baudo.

After his Canadian debut, Alex released four other albums – “Bilingual Sessions,” “Mister Alex Formosa Baudo,” “Honesty,” and in 2016 “Communication: The Marc Hunter Songbook,” a tribute work that Alex put together for his good friend and colleague.

This last album was supported by a series of successful live shows organised by Alex as a true “labour of love,” bringing much joy to the fans of the late Marc Hunter. Now in April 2017 comes the sixth and latest release, “Alex Baudo”, an album featuring new interpretations of several Oz classics as well as some original compositions.

Wanting to push the horizon of Australian rock further out, towards European and other world audiences, Alex offers some of the songs in this album with alternate English and Italian lyrics. Having had somewhat of a peripatetic life that has taken him from Italy to Canada and Australia, Alex wanted this album to reflect the many artistically constructive experiences that living in, and being part of, these different places made possible.

With this new album, Alex has sought not only to put together a project that is in many respects quite distinct in comparison to all his previous ones, but also to reach down to and re-interpret the very “mood” of, in particular, that Australian rock music which has played such an important role in his own development as a musician.

Alex plans to tour with this album as much as he can around the world, feeling confident that its richly-textured and multicoloured Oz sound, flowing seamlessly between the styles of “Rock” and “Soul,” will be found appealing and enjoyable by many music lovers, far and near.