listen to older voices: bonnie giorgi – part 2

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  This is the second and final part of the Life & Times of Bonnie Giorgi.

In part 1 we learned that Bonnie was born in 1939 in the town of Malden, Missouri. Eventually the family moves to California and Bonnie goers to high School and while working at a local car-hop restaurant, she meets Ivan Giorgi, a cook whom she took a dislike to. Yet, a romance blossoms and they marry.

This week we follow their adventures when they move to Australia in the late 1960’s. Told in the USA that there wasn’t much fresh milk in Australia, that there were giant lizards and kangaroos in the streets and on arriving finding a major power shut-down – she wasn’t sure what she had got herself and her family into,

However, we learn that not only was the move successful but the reasons Bonnie believes for the ordinary person, life in Australia is better than the USA.

Bonnie regales us with many stories and some of them are very funny as she gives examples of how the different meaning of words between Australia and the USA led to some strange, if not embarrassing situations.

After many decades of a good life in Australia, Ivan passes away from bowel cancer in 2003 and Bonnie is on her own for the first time ever.

Does she cope? Does she ever !


listen to older voices: bonnie giorgi – part 1
Bonnie: 2019 – [CLICK to enlarge]

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