how to get more views to your next youtube music video

Many aspiring musicians are finding it extremely difficult to reach enough people to feel that what they’re doing is actually worth it. This is ironic in a way, since it’s never been easier and cheaper to present your work to a wide audience. So, what seems to be the problem?

Actually, it’s the wide selection of tools and platforms that causes most of the problems. Namely, people often feel overwhelmed when facing a range of option and don’t know how to select the right product or service. Also, even if they make a right choice, there is still a question of whether they know how to utilise it. To help you attract more viewers to your next YouTube video, here is a list of things you definitely need to consider.

Create your channel

To begin with, you need to create your own channel that looks professional and attractive. This is the first thing people will see when they visit your channel and you want to leave a good impression with the design. Also, try to use the same pattern on all social media you use and your profiles. The channel should contain high quality cover art, link to social media, Soundcloud and other sites, a relevant logo or pic, description of yourself and your music, as well as contact details. Just make sure you use images of high quality, which would look great on all devices used to browse YT.

Choosing the title

It’s only logical to have a title which is the name of your song, but you need to consider adding your name to it. Also, if you’ve collaborated with fellow musicians on the particular track, don’t forget to tag them. You want people who search either your name or the name of your song to get your video as the first result.


As we’ve already mentioned, it’s important to tag colleagues who helped you with the song, but you need to do more tagging if you want to reach a wider audience. Make sure you enough relevant tags, including the genre and sub-genre of music you’ve created (if you can categorise it, that is), as well as several vital keywords related to the video. Ideally, you should have around 10 tags.

Music visualizer

how to get more views to your next youtube music video

No matter how great your music is, you will always attract more people if it’s accompanied by a great video. Young, up-and-coming artists rarely have enough money to produce a great, original video, but people like to see something that complements the music they’re listening to. That’s where a sleek music visualizer can help. Choose a custom-made one that helps you convey the message you’re trying to send.


Believe it or not, people do read the description below a video if they’re intrigued by what they hear and see. So, write a few lines about your music and your video and possibly introduce yourself as an artist. You may also include a little insight into the making of the video, especially if there is something interesting about it. Just don’t leave that section empty.


The thumbnail of your video needs to be attractive and memorable, so that people who have watched it can instantly recognise it when they search for it next time. That’s why you need to choose the most eye-catching pic and set it as the thumbnail.

What about annotations?

Annotations engage people, which means you should use them. It’ll increase your view count on other videos and entice viewers to click through to other sites. As a result, you’ll probably have many more subscribers. The annotations should allow viewers to skip ahead, recommend other videos they may like or link to your social media or website. However, be careful to stick to small annotations, close to the borders and make them transparent. Bad annotations are likely to put people off.

Share your music!

When you’re done uploading a video, you want people to know about it. Unless they are your subscribers, they’ll probably miss it if you don’t inform them. That’s why you need to share the link everywhere you can and do it more than once. Ask your friends to share it too on all social media platforms they use. The more people see what you do, the more followers and fans you are likely to have, so don’t be shy. 

These are just some tips you should definitely follow if you want your next YT video to attract more viewers than the previous ones. Needless to say, a lot depends on the music itself, but you need to everything you possible can to wrap it in a package that is pleasing to both the eyes and ears and use the power of YT and social media to spread the word about it. So, it’s up to you now. Roll up your sleeves and make yourself a star!