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Dance into Summer with Esther Anaya’s New Single ‘Summer Rain’!






Get ready to groove your way through the sunny season with Esther Anaya’s latest single, “Summer Rain”! This track is the ultimate summer anthem that will have you dancing from sunrise to sunset.

If you haven’t heard of Esther Anaya yet, where have you been? As the official DJ for the LA Chargers and the face of Cadillac in 2023, Esther has been rocking some of the biggest stages around the world. From the Super Bowl to the NBA All-Star Game, she’s got the credentials to back up her talent.

“Summer Rain” is a song to experience. Imagine a love so sweet it makes you forget all your troubles. Esther captures that feeling perfectly with catchy lyrics and a beat that’s impossible not to dance to. She says, “Memories are the only thing we take with us forever. I wanted to create a song that everyone would want to sing along to while making those unforgettable moments.

The song is a vibrant blend of dance-pop and house music, guaranteed to lift your spirits and keep you smiling all summer long. The chorus, “I’m loving the now, if there was no tomorrow,” sums up the carefree vibe that we all crave during these sunny months.

Esther has been on a creative roll, reinventing her sound with over 10 new records set to drop in 2024. Each track promises to showcase her unique style and passion for music. “Summer Rain” is just the beginning of what’s sure to be an epic year for this powerhouse artist.

Whether you’re hitting the beach, having a backyard BBQ, or just chilling with friends, Esther Anaya’s new single is the perfect addition to your summer playlist. Get ready to dance, sing along, and make some unforgettable memories!

Stay tuned and keep dancing, because with Esther Anaya, the party never stops!


Tom L.

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