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Matroda and Dances Drop the Ultimate Tech House Anthem ‘Britney’






If you’re a fan of dance music, brace yourself: Matroda and Dances are about to set your summer on fire with their new track, “Britney”. This tech house banger is already making waves and it’s easy to see why.

Matroda, the Croatian-born DJ and producer has teamed up with the vocal powerhouse Dances, known for his hits like “Operator” and “Bang”. Together, they’ve created “Britney”, a track that blends old-school charm with modern tech house vibes. Premiered on the EDC Las Vegas mainstage, it’s been backed by industry giants like MK, Diplo, and Tchami, promising to be a staple at festivals and clubs all summer long.

The song starts with Dances laying down smooth verses over a steady beat, pulling you in with its hypnotic production. Just when you’re hooked, the drop hits hard, taking the energy to a whole new level. The catchy hook, “Got me dancing, like I’m Britney,” is bound to be stuck in your head for days.

The track’s exotic drum work and subtle build-up mask the sheer power of the drop, making it a perfect track for those peak moments on the dance floor. It’s dark, gritty, and irresistibly groovy – everything you want in a summer anthem.

The “Matrodasound” is here to stay; you’ll want to be part of this electrifying journey.

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