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nicole ditt 1084726 unsplash

Travelling and exploring is both fun and exciting. However, there are certain practices that one must consider doing to stay safe and healthy. Such safety precautions can help you and your body fight against common ailments which one can pick up while visiting a new environment or a famous tourist spot destination like the Yarra Valley- either for business or pleasure.

The Yarra Valley

It is one of the most famous wine regions in Victoria, Australia. Many visitors flock to this place due to its world-renowned wines such as pinot noir and sparkling wines. Not only that, but you get to enjoy scenic views, interact with the wildlife and take on an adventure of a lifetime you’d never want to miss.

Common Travel Illnesses in Yarra Valley

Like any other places on Earth, one can feel under the weather even when visiting a site as gorgeous as the Yarra Valley. Some of the common ailments in this side of Australia are a cough, colds, flu, and whooping cough. However, these should not stop you from exploring this beautiful region. Luckily, it is not that hard to safeguard yourself from such illnesses.

Also, you can always call in a home doctor in case you feel unwell while in the region,  after hours GP is becoming a trend just like a Home Doctor in Perth.  In times you fail to get in touch with your General Physician, has difficulty looking for a doctor nearby or during after hours, a home doctor Perth is your answer. They can help make you feel better and rely on all details necessary to your GP afterward.

Here are three simple ways that can help you to avoid the common travel illnesses while visiting the Yarra Valley.

Regular Hand Washing

It is worth repeating that frequent hand washing can save lives. As the best way to prevent the spreading of the diseases with flu-like symptoms by 50%, make it a habit of washing your hands. Make sure to do this before and after eating, cleaning, using the bathroom, touching animals, going to public places, sneezing, coughing and after coming contact with a sick person. Also, keep an alcohol-based hand sanitizer or alcohol at hand in case you have no immediate access to clean water.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Your body will thank you for keeping it hydrated – especially in this region. Why? Since you’ll get to taste some of the best wines in the world, you might get a bit over excited to taste as much wine you can get. You will need to make sure your body is hydrated to fight flu-like symptoms.

Bring Something To Cover You Up

You’d be surprised just how the unpredictable the temperature can be at the Yarra Valley. It has microclimates, which means it can be warm and sunny now but cold once the sun starts to sets. A sudden change in the climate and temperature can cause a cough and colds which can eventually lead to fever. Make sure to bring something you can layer your clothes up with like a blazer or scarf.

Keeping yourself healthy is the key to enjoy your trip to the fullest. Always keep yourself hydrated, wash your hands regularly and correctly and to bring a cover-up to keep you warm while at the Yarra Valley.