15th June to 10th July

From its beginnings in 1978 in nearly 40 years the success of Circus Oz has elevated to great heights, having many sell-out seasons in all parts of Australia as well as international touring including performances in New York City, London and Jerusalem.

Today their base is in the inner suburb of Collingwood Melbourne, a true Arts Hub with a permanent Spiegeltent on sight and wonderful facilities, where the new creations of Circus Oz projects are born.

I had the pleasure of attending last nights Circus Oz Melbourne Gala performance of TWENTYSIXTEEN under the Big Top Birrarung Marr and what a pleasure it was. A full house that spanned every age range, quite an assortment of colourful ladies, gents and toddlers, all eagerly awaited an anticipated spectacle of great proportions.

We were not disappointed, in fact the night delighted, tantalised, astounded and most of all made us shriek with laughter. TWENTYSIXTEEN is jam packed with non-stop raw and vibrant hilarity.

Lots of bells and whistles throughout and many thrills (with one or two minor spills) fed the cravings that appeal to a typical circus audience, but not wasted on the novice I’m sure. There is a blend of new and old style circus, for me there must be the old style, it is the foundation of what great circus is all about, but the new also revitalizes the senses.

Two hours of high-energy flying trapeze, Chinese pole, unicycles and juggling acts, intoxicating the minds, defying the boundaries of what a human form is capable of. This you expect from all circuses, but Circus Oz gives much more.   The characters represent a true depiction of Australian unique humour. The Australian larrikin comes into play and there is no humour like it in any part of the world.

Oh and I must mention the amazing band playing throughout, carrying us to greater highs. TWENTYSIXTEEN is such pure joy, full of colour, great effects and magic, all the ingredients that leave you feeling delightfully satisfied.

Extraordinary and very cheeky TWENTYSIXTEEN is a perfect blend of entertainment that anyone can appreciate. What an ensemble of talent, with newcomers in 2016 Sam Aldham, Robbie Curtis and Sharon Gruenert joining April Dawson, Ben Hendry, Spenser Inwood, Kyle Raftery, Ania Reynolds (Musical Director), Matt Wilson and Dale Woodbridge-Brown and Flip Kammerer making a come-back.

2016 Guest Show Director: Anni Davey, Senior Circus Artist and Founding Member: Tim Coldwell, Senior Artistic Associate: Antonella Casella, Musical Director: Ania Reynolds, Set Design: Emily Barrie, Costume Design and Founding Member: Laurel Frank, Lighting Design: Paul Jackson, Prop Design: Michael Baxter and Guest Act Development: Debra Batton and Jo Lancaster.

A huge applause to this amazing array of performers and the crew all deserving of the standing ovation at last nights show.

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