The Old Fashioned is an ageless ‘cocktail’ drink known to lift-up the spirits high. It is one of the preferred cocktail drinks for the past couple of years. But do you know why this drink on a popular side? And why is it a standard drink in every bar? It is not balancing out of the spirit with sugar, bitter, and water. There is much more to the same. Get the know-how on the same by reading the five things discussed below to know more about Old Fashioned.                

1.   What’s in the name?

Did you know that the name ‘Old Fashioned’ is the shorter version of ‘Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail’? And, it is yet another abbreviated form of ‘Whiskey Cocktail Made the Old Fashioned Way’? Well, the real story behind the name lies somewhere in the late 19th century. The people in the past preferred a drink with some ‘classic’ taste and referred to this Old Fashioned cocktail as a ‘cocktail whiskey.’ They enjoyed their whiskey mixed with bitters, some sugar, and water.

2.   Go by the ‘old fashioned’ recipe

5 things you should know about the old fashioned

The ‘Old Fashioned’ cocktail is a simple one to prepare. Once done, you can add some bitters and syrup to your cocktail drink. It will give a constant feeling. Adding some bits of cherry along with a slice of orange is a popular recipe used by many expert bartenders. To get the real taste, follow the age-old formula of Old Fashioned cocktail drink mentioned below.

Things required

●       2 ounces of Rémy Martin XO

●       One cube of brown sugar

●       One tea-spoon water

●       Angostura Bitters – a couple of dashes


Take a whiskey-glass and mix a little amount of sugar with some water. Then add a couple of dashes of Angostura bitters, a small ice cube, bits of lemon-peel, and one jigger Rémy Martin XO. Stir well with the help of a bar-spoon and serve.

3.   Pick your preferred whiskey.

Rye or Bourbon is customary for preparing the Old Fashioned. Rye turns the drink into a dry one. While many believe that the ‘unique’ version of Old Fashioned consists of Rye whiskey, others agree on the same, but with Bourbon. But you can try both. Use your most preferred whiskey, as Old fashioned cocktails are predominantly whiskey-based. Add Bourbon and garnish it with orange. Or else you can use Rye to make it a bit dry and work it well with lime. While choosing Bourbon, try using the ‘wheat flavor’ to give it a herbal taste.

In a nutshell, to make the Old Fashioned more malty, nutty, and sweet, these bourbons strike a good balance between maple syrup and citrus-bitters. Garnish it your Old Fashioned well with peels of lime or orange. The final drink is the heady mix of whiskey with the pleasantry of added sugar, water, and bitters’ taste. Sip and roll the drink to get the real flavor of the Old Fashioned. 

4.   Make it yourself

You do not need to have many ingredients or be a professional to prepare your Old Fashioned. It falls under the category of one of the most convenient cocktail drinks. Follow these useful tips to get it right.

Making a cocktail is an art, and it comprises some of the scientific notions as well. Firstly, you should be attentive to the ingredients and their quantities, as the mixing ratios always change the taste of any drink. Secondly, always use a mixing-glass and a strainer over the ice cubes. It assists well while you mix the ingredients to the base drink. Finally, try your hands initially on normal whiskeys. Get some excellent but cost-effective whiskey from your cellar, and use the same as your cocktail base drink. Keep all these things in mind while preparing your ‘good Old Fashioned’.

5.   Ways to go with variants

Play with your ingredients to turn the old-fashioned into a fantastic drink. It would be best if you tried exchanging the mix of simple syrup and whiskey with Orgeat and cognac. Or else combine your Old Fashioned drink with Rye and apple brandy. You have endless options, but balancing-out the drink is essential. Remember that you can easily over-power the Old Fashioned by swapping any one ingredient. So, lastly, give a flair to the flavor by adding maple syrup in place of an ordinary one.

Final Thoughts

None is more popular than an Old Fashioned drink when the word ‘classic’ pairs with whiskey. And, it is one of the most prominent alcohols amongst most of the whiskey connoisseurs. Keep the five things in mind to enjoy your drink more. Your Old Fashioned will always stir your soul with a feeling of freshness and joy.

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