Its getting close to the time of year when I spare no thought to the wines I am about to drink as for me its all about enjoying the time from Xmas eve to New Years eve.

Xmas eve requires a good sparkling wine weather it be Champagne or a good quality sparkling, like a top Tasmanian sparkling from Ed Carr for instance. However New Years Eve requires Champagne you can get something good for $20 very good for $50 – $100 there are a lot of Champagne specials out there. Whatever you can afford enjoy it and the the night and ring in the NY with one hell of a bang.

But for me on Christmas day I will be drinking a Apple Cider this year – Bress from Harcourt in Champagne size bottles, a Cider that I think fits the bill for me this year. Just love the stuff with roast pork. Not as grippy or acid as Champagne however with that apple character I seek and love about Champagne and with out a hefty price tag at $25 its a winner.

Yes I have seen and tasted the new age cheaper Champagnes on the market at the moment and yes they offer good bang for the buck in fact some are very good. BUT I would spend the extra dollars on a good Tasmanian sparkling and there are a few out there these days, or go the hole hog and spend $50 to $100 on a bottle of Champers and enjoy life and feel important for the day hell its only once a year.

Now for the reds I am going Greek for Christmas Day this year with young Lamb, herbed Chicken and Pork all slow roasted over hot Coals on the slow turned electric spit backed up with oven roasted veg and crusty home made Greek sour dow bread. The reds for the pork a 2010 Barolo a soft feminine year that’s got just enough tannin and savoury fruit for the pork.

Noon Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 that’s for the lamb. Cabernet Sauvignon and lamb are a perfect mach. And for the white, a big buttery Hungerford Hill Tumbarrumba 2008 EPIC Chardonnay now thats for the chook but will have the power to go with Pork if you don’t want a red.

And for deserts sweet Greek donuts a half bottle of 2012 De Bortoli Noble One Botrytis Semillon should top the day off. Some of the vintages I have chosen come from the caller so you will have to settle for the latest vintages in store – Noon Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 $79 Hard to get but worth hunting down. Hungerford Hill Tumbarrumba 2008 EPIC Chardonnay $40 A red wine drinkers Chardonnay. Antiche Cantine Dei Marchesi Di Barolo 2210 at $80 This is one of the best priced Barolo’s I have drunk in a long time. De Bortoli Noble One Botrytis Semillon 2012 will cost $25 now that should be a Good Christmas days Drink.

You can get all the above wines and more at Caulfield Callers in Glenhuntley Rd. Just ask the staff to help you spend some money. So Good Drinking to Everyone and Have a safe Christmas and a happy New Year. And remember Methylated spirits with fish, turpentine with beef and if that don’t give you wind nothing will. Merry Christmas from Max Keep calm and drink good wine on Christmas day, however if that don’t work for you there are some stunning Craft Beers in the fridge at Caulfield Callers as well..

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