Why Synthetic Grass Looks So Appealing in Apartment Buildings

why synthetic grass looks so appealing in apartment buildings

Like independent dwellings in Melbourne City, you can achieve spectacular greenery in apartment complexes. Whether you are looking for a small garden or want lawn seating on your balcony, you can make your apartment green. Irrespective of your apartment size, you can establish greenery with the help of artificial grass.

There are various types of synthetic grass in Melbourne shops that help you to convert your plain balconies into nature hubs. It is easy to install, requires less maintenance, and looks just like natural grass, if not better.

If you look at interior design on balconies, you can observe people using artificial grass in different ways to achieve greenery at home. You can install it on the floor or the vertical wall and decorate it with your favourite plants and herbs.

So, next time you are decorating the balcony in your apartment complex, then make sure to try out artificial grass to make it aesthetic.

Below are the reasons why synthetic grass looks so appealing in apartment buildings:


You may wonder how artificial grass can be eco-friendly as it isn’t natural and doesn’t contribute in any way to the environment. However, the grass doesn’t require care or growing techniques that you otherwise do for the lawn. You don’t have to spray harmful pesticides, fertilisers, and insecticides on artificial grass. Regular cleaning with a broomstick is enough to keep the grass looking shining and fresh.

Moreover, it is easy to install and requires less maintenance. You don’t have to use a lawn mower that runs on fuel like diesel. You are saving the environment by reducing the emission of by-products of burning fuels into the air. It’s one of the best ways to make your home sustainable, especially if you live in an apartment.

Safe for Kids and Pets

Artificial grass is safe for both kids and pets and protects them from the impact of falling. It is designed in such a way that it doesn’t cause any trips when kids run or play on them. As it’s artificial, your pets won’t pluck on the grass strands thus protecting the structure of the lawn. Moreover, they feel happy to play on the grass as it doesn’t cause any allergies to the skin.

Installing it in the apartment complexes is safe and provides the best spot for your kids to play. You can also place a playing mat so that your infants get fresh air while playing on it. You don’t have to fear about the insects or allergens to come near your child.

Also, learn which is better – turf or grass for playing sports so that your kids can play safely in your apartment building.

Durable and Strong

Usually, apartment complexes have a common area or playground that’s adorned with a lawn. It receives heavy foot traffic and natural grass tends to fall off soon leaving brown patches on the lawn. It decreases the beauty of the lawn making it unappealing and worn out. You have to make sure the lawn you install can withstand heavy foot traffic.

In such cases, artificial grass comes to your rescue. It’s very durable and the strength of the fibres makes it unable it fall off even after heavy pressure is applied on it. So, for the large common areas and play areas that require a soft and durable surface, artificial grass is your best option.


Artificial grass looks stunning and appealing in your apartment complex. You can enjoy its beauty while also not dealing with weeds, overgrown grass, and brown spots.

It converts your apartment building into a lush and well-maintained paradise. All the residents in the complex can enjoy the beauty without worrying a lot about its maintenance. You can achieve a superior curb appeal with artificial grass no matter where you install it – in the common area, balconies, etc.

Low Maintenance

If you are a person with a busy schedule and have less time to spend gardening on your balcony, then it’s best to go for artificial grass. It’s low maintenance and looks fresh and green all the time. Occasional cleaning is enough to maintain the grass when you can make only some time out of your busy schedule.

You also don’t need to do activities like seeding, weeding, cleaning, watering, and other chemical treatments that you have to perform on natural grass. It saves your maintenance time, effort and money that you have to spend otherwise.

Final Thoughts

There is no absolute answer to which is better – artificial or natural grass. Depending on your time, apartment size and balcony width, you can decide which one suits you better. Both have their own set of pros and cons and by learning about their characteristics – you can make an informed choice. Choose the right company before you buy the artificial grass so that you are getting the quality ones.

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