Kina Breaks Streaming History With Lo-Fi Single ‘Get You The Moon’

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Naples-born Kina, at just 24, becoming the inaugural Italian artist to hit the one billion stream milestone on Spotify with an original composition. Chances are you’ve encountered the ethereal melodies of “Get You The Moon,” which emerged in 2018. Originating as a self-published single on Soundcloud, this track catapulted Kina into the limelight by going viral, ushering lo-fi aesthetics into the mainstream charts.

Front and center of this track is vocalist and wordsmith Snøw, whose emotive vocals gracefully glide over the minimalist soundscape. Delving into the intricacies of yearning, affection, and interdependence, Snøw’s heartfelt lyrics and gentle tones soar over Kina’s beat. Snøw’s poignant delivery serves as an anchor in Kina’s evolving instrumentation, which moves between acoustic strums and electronic elements. The synergy between the instruments is incredible, and the space that Kina creates in the track makes them all the more impressive.

Having spent a staggering 450 days on the Spotify Global Daily Charts, “Get You The Moon” evidently struck a chord, captivating audiences all over the globe. Few artists in the lo-fi sphere have garnered the global acclaim and recognition Kina has achieved since this single. With his latest album, “kinamood,” Kina unveils a tapestry of brooding soundscapes, featuring collaborations with rising stars in hip-hop and lo-fi. As he gears up for another year of musical exploration, Kina’s trajectory shows no signs of stopping—and rightfully so. While we all may have known his song, it’s high time we got to know the artist.

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