Ari Jacobs Second Release “Permission” – An Exquisite Duet With Sarit Michael Out Now

ari jacobs second release

Mammoth Records NSG Presents ARI JACOB Permission

Ari Jacobs Releases the Second Track From Son Called Moon

This May Ari Jacobs releases the highly anticipated second track from his album Son Called Moon with the musical of the same name to premiere in JunePermission arrives just in time for those cold winter nights with a song worthy of cosying up to. After a seven-year creative sabbatical overseas Ari has returned home with the heartbreakingly beautiful indie folk album Son Called Moon. The album will be released in June and is the soundtrack to a musical that Ari has been writing since 2018 with four performances to be presented at Chapel Off Chapel.

Released on the Mammoth Records NSG label, this second offering is a beautiful duet between Ari and Sydney-based singer Sarit Michael. Ari’s grandmother also appears in a song that speaks of consent, a hot topic in our ever-changing world. The song has the kind of lilting quality that lends itself to a best-of playlist with strong indie hottest 100 vibes. Lyrics like “give me your word” and “give me your blessing” lead the musical journey through a layering process that references the complexity of human relationships. The chorus asks “do I have permission to disappoint you?” speaking to deeper messages around trust and unconditional love. The instrumentation warmly envelops the listener with sweet piano arpeggiation complemented by guitar and strings. Ari’s voice is like velvet honey and is perfectly complemented by Sarit’s sweet alto. The song climaxes with the lyrics “I will make this a good thing” in a moment of love and trust as Ari’s Grandmother sing-speaks “If only I could make it rain for you” in a reference to mother nature.

In response to the creation of the song Ari said “This song is about the painful, paradoxical reality that the changes we so deeply desire to manifest in our lives. will only come about when we first accept things as they are. Only when we feel permission to disappoint are we ready to take a risk and put ourselves out there. This song brought me the true healing I needed to find the courage to put this musical on the stage. I hope it can do the same for others.“.

Permission references universal love and wanting to give all to those we care the most about with the fear that we might ultimately disappoint. Similar themes appear across the album including the power of the universe, God and acceptance of self. Ultimately the song speaks to partnership and wanting to please. Referentially, the listener may feel moments of Gotye, Boy and Bear, Lior, Maro and Sufjan. The music video supporting the song has been produced by Adina Kraus and is released simultaneously. The simple video makes beautiful use of two hands journeying, coming together, embracing, pulling apart and ultimately finding union.

Son Called Moon, the musical is the result of a years-long process of building the songbook and story. The creative process has traversed the globe and will premiere at Chapel of Chapel on June 22nd running to the 25th. Son Called Moon is both a mythical fable and a contemporary, intimate story of love and redemption. Moon, an adventurous and curious boy, lies awake for hours discussing the secrets of the universe with Sun, the mysterious and ever-present feminine. When one day a mysterious and potentially dangerous fruit appears that even Sun doesn’t recognise, their relationship begins to bruise, giving way to paranoia and manipulation, sending the two on a journey through fear, isolation and longing. Not unlike Ari’s own personal journey through the creation of the musical.

This captivating and masterful brand-new work by Ari Jacob is a deeply personal and transcendent theatrical experience, taking the audience into days, nights, years and lifetimes of ancient spiritual teachings and raw human experience. Featuring a six-person cast the piece has been directed by James Cutler and stars Irish performer Claire BurnsPermission is available to stream on Spotify, Soundcloud and AMRAP and is available now. Tickets for the musical Son Called Moon are available from Chapel off Chapel for the flat fee of $60.00.

Release Date: Friday May 10, 2024
Genre: Alternative / Indie
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Pronouns: He / Him
FFO: Gotye, Boy & Bear, Lior, Maro, Sufjan
Performers: Ari Jacobs (vocals), Sarit Michael (vocals), Sun Mailich (acoustic guitar) Eilon Freeman cello and vocals), Ben Edgar (Guitar) Gal Shemi (synths and vocals), David Dagmi (percussion), Simon Starr (bass)
Studio: Lagziland Studio, Israel
Mixed By: Asher Parkes

Artist Bio

ari jacobs second release "permission", an exquisite duet with sarit michael out now

Ari Jacob

Singer-Songwriter / Pianist / Producer

Ari was born in Melbourne in November 1994. He played piano from age 4, and at age 12 was performing original, Jewish, and contemporary music as a singer, pianist and actor in community concerts and musicals.

After completing his VCE with an ATAR of 99.75, Ari went to Israel to travel and study Judaism for a year. In 2014 he began a Bachelor of Music at Monash University.

During these years Ari recorded his debut EP “Sink Without Drowning” produced by his high school music teacher Jonathan Skovron. He also created a wedding band “Isaiah” which is, still today, one of the most successful in the Melbourne Jewish Wedding scene.

Ari moved to Israel in 2017 to expand his spiritual and artistic horizons. In those first years, Ari began confronting his questions and struggles with sexuality and identity, religion and faith, meaning and art. He studied yoga, meditation and kabbalah, immersing himself in the Hebrew language and Israeli culture, deepening his connection to nature and to ancient wisdom.

This transformation opened a door to a new era of art. Since 2019, Ari’s artistic endeavours include recording and releasing 3 albums of original music, both solo and with his band “Shayari”; Shayari’s Australian tour in early 2020; producing albums for Daniel Boggio and Eilon Freeman; playing piano and arranging backing vocals for several others; translating scripts from Hebrew to English; composing music for video and dance; touring America with podcast “Israel Story”, and being commissioned to write music and text for art exhibitions. Ari’s greatest undertaking to date is his latest crowdfunded album “Son Called Moon”, recorded in Israel in 2023 with a mixed group of Australians and Israelis. He will bring it to the stage in Melbourne as a musical at Chapel Off Chapel, June 22-25, 2024.


The Musical

Melbourne, Australia

WHEN: 22nd June to 25th June, 2024

WHERE: Chapel off Chapel

ADDRESS: 12 Little Chapel Street, Prahran

TIME: Saturday, Monday and Tuesday 7.30 pm, Saturday 5.00 pm

DURATION: 75 minutes (no interval)

WARNING: contains course language and partial nudity

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