Australian Rock of Ages: Number 5 – Marcie Jones

australian rock of ages: number 5 - marcie jones

The Life and Time Stories of Australian Musicians, Performance Artists and those who commenced their their contributed to the Australian Music industry from the 1950’s through to the 1970’s. 

Australian Rock of Ages is a series of interviews conducted with artists, partners of artists, entrepreneurs, managers, and those who promoted and contributed to the Australian Music Industry.  All were born in Australia or settled in Australia during the halcyon years of the late 1950’s through to the late 1970’s. 

A different story is presented each month.

This program features the story of Marcie Jones.

australian rock of ages: number 5 - marcie jones

There are 4-parts to this program.

Over these four programs we will begin to unravel the life-long journey Marcie has taken in the world of professional music. This is as both a solo singer and with the well known “Marcie and The Cookies”.

In Part 1 learn about Marcie’s background and how her singing and performance skills were developed.

We also learn about more personal issues. These include her love for horses which played a major part of her life up to the age of 18.

listen to older voices : marcie jones – part 1
An early career photo of Marcie

Through Marcie’s stories we will learn of the circumstances that led to her career as a vocalist. She and her girlfriends went to a dance that had the Thunderbirds playing. The fact is, this led to her singing on stage at the age of fifteen.

It would be an event which in turn would lead her to developing her professional career.  So much was happening including being a regular on the popular TV music program, the Go Show.

Australian Rock Of Ages : marcie jones – part 1
Marcie on the Go Show [Click to enlarge]

Part 2 of her story continues with the story of how she met the Cookie Sisters. They were a vocal trio, while working in Queensland.

It’s a meeting led to the formation of the very talented and much loved –Marcie & The Cookies.

Australian Rock Pf SAges : marcie jones – part 2
Marcie – LHS and the Cookies: Beverley, Margaret and Wendy Cook [Click to enlarge]

You will also learn how she formed a deep and lasting friendship with iconic singer, Normie Rowe.

Learn how it would be a relationship that would lead to an engagement despite music management’s attempts to keep them apart.

Australian Rock Of Ages : marcie jones – part 2
Marcie with Normie [Click to enlarge]

As a result of a national tour supporting the Monkees, her career blossomed.  This led to a tour where she entertaining Australian conscript and regular troops that had been sent to Vietnam.

Finally we learn about the pressures of work and touring. Exacerbated by a tour in the UK, this resulted in enormous pressures on her and Normie.

Her story in Part 3, finds Marcie missing Australia. Homesick for her family and Normie so she returns alone from the tour, leaving the Cookies behind.

Australian Rock Of Ages : marcie jones – part 3
Marcie [extreme left] and the Cookies

Having formed a deep relationship with Aussie heart-throb Normie Rowe, they decided to become engaged.

australian rock of ages: number 5 - marcie jones
Normie Rowe with Marcie [Click to enlarge]

However, on returning to Australia Marcie finds that Normie had been hurt by her breaking her promise. That promise was to be at the airport to meet him on his return to Vietnam.

The engagement was broken. However, as we will learn, that friendship has survived and gone from strength to strength right through until today.

Marcie’s stories allow us to learn more about her family and her deep connection with them. We learn how she connected with Murray Robertson of the Thunderbirds, who became her life-partner.

australian rock of ages : marcie jones – part 3
Marcie performing in a duo with Murray – [CLICK to enlarge]

There are so many stories shared. These include but are not limited too, her business relationship with the late Olivia Newton John and Koala Blue.

In the 4th and final part of her story, we hear how family is so important to her,. However, Marcie he continues to perform and record showing that age is no barrier when talent is involved.

Marcie covers range of social topics including sharing her journey as a song writer over the past 20 years. That writing culminated in a recently released CD – Marcie Jones Anthology.

listen to older voices [the baby boomer generation]: marcie jones – part 4
[Click to enlarge]

A published author, Marcie has released a series of children’s books based around her two dogs, called “George and Charlie”

More information on “George and Charlie” as well as how to order the book can be obtained by clicking on the photo below.

australian rock of ages: marcie jones – part 4
Olivia Newton-John sharing the release of “George and Charlie” with Marcie and her daughter [Click to enlarge]

This amazing artist has also written her biography – Runs In The Blood. To order the book click on the picture below.

australian rock of ages: marcie jones – part 4
Marcie’s Autobiography

Marcie’s wonderful career continues through to today. While she doesn’t quite generating the excitement of previous decades, she is still much respected by her peers. 

She is certainly loved by her fans.

Marie Jones -Part 1

Marcie Jones – Part 2

Marcie Jones – Part 3

Marcie Jones – Part 4

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