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Top 10 Of Melbourne’s Safest Suburbs

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When it comes to choosing a neighbourhood to buy a home, one of the most important factors you must consider is safety. Melbourne has been ranked 10th safest city in the world in the Safe Cities Index 2019. In case you’re planning to move here, I’ve put together some handy facts and statistics to help you make an informed decision.

To do this, I’ve sourced information from the Crime Statistics Agency of the Government of Victoria. Only the suburbs that come under the city of Melbourne (local government area) have been taken into consideration. This comprises the inner-city municipality of Melbourne and its 13 suburbs. Here are the top 10 suburbs of the inner-city municipality, (with their postal codes), ranked in order of safety.

  1. Carlton North (3054): This inner suburb is located four kilometres north of Melbourne’s Central Business District (CBD). With only 17 crimes recorded in the past year, this is Melbourne’s safest suburb, according to data from the Crime Statistics Agency. Carlton North is quieter than Carlton and has better telecommunications coverage.
  2. Flemington (3031): Flemington recorded only 69 crimes last year, making it the second safest inner suburb in Melbourne. It is governed by both Melbourne and Moonee Valley. Flemington is also close to several schools but is crowded; it does not have much public space.
  3. South Wharf (3006): South Wharf reported 131 crimes in the past year. This suburb is closer to the CBD. It is home to the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre and offers stunning views of the Seafarers Bridge at night.
  4. Port Melbourne (3207): With 163 crimes recorded in the past year, Port Melbourne is the fourth-safest suburb to live in. It boasts of a stunning coastline and great shopping centres, driving property prices up. This historic area is also home to Fishermans Bend, Garden City, and Beacon Cove.
  5. South Yarra (3141): South Yarra reported 178 crimes in the last year, with almost half the crimes being property and deception offences (including arson, burglary, theft, and property damage). However, South Yarra is one of the highest-ranked suburbs on the liveability scale in Australia because it has boasts of several shopping centres, cafés, restaurants, and community centres. It also has a well-connected transport system, tree cover, and great schools.
  6. Kensington (3031): Kensington recorded 568 crimes in the last year, placing at number 6 on the safety scale. Although the suburb has great shopping centres and restaurants, it does not have much tree cover. Additionally, telecommunications coverage may leave you wanting.
  7. North Melbourne (3051): North Melbourne recorded 1361 crimes the last year, with burglary and arson taking the highest number. However, it is one of the most popular suburbs to live in, because it has great schools, cafés, and malls. In addition, it is well-connected to a thriving tram system.
  8. Carlton (3053): Out of the 1538 crimes recorded in Carlton last year, two-thirds involved burglary, arson, and property damage, while 230 were crimes against people. This doesn’t affect the appeal of the suburb – Carlton is popular for its thriving culture, historical monuments, and amazing restaurants. Carlton is also home to Melbourne’s Little Italy, making it a popular pick for foodies.
  9. Docklands (3008): With 2520 crimes reported in 2020, Docklands stands at the ninth spot on the safety scale. This suburb has a mostly flat landscape and not many trees, but it is only two kilometres away from the CBD. This makes it appealing to homeowners as transit is not too long.
  10. Southbank (3003): Southbank recorded 2578 crimes in the last year. Although this may seem like a lot in comparison to Carlton North, this is still a low number overall. Southbank is home to the National Gallery of Victoria on St Kilda Road, and the Arts Centre. This makes it a hip and happening hub for the arts.

How can I make my suburb safer?

Regardless of where you live, you can follow a few tips to make your neighbourhood safer for your family. Homeowners must take a multidimensional approach to keep their suburbs safe.

First, increase security and surveillance in your home so you can protect it from burglars and intruders. CCTV cameras are essential.

Invest in reliable locking systems to protect every door and window of your home. Asguard Locksmiths in St Kilda say, “Securing the garage is as important as securing the main house. In fact, keyless houses are safer than using conventional locks that are easy to break into.”

Additionally, sign up for a neighbourhood watch so you can support the community and stand up for each other as you keep your suburb safe!