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Tolarno Hotel Eating House & Bar

42 Fitzroy Street
St Kilda 3182

Tolarno Hotel Eating House & Bar


First opened in 1965 by arty bohemians Mirka and Georges Mora, then taken on over the decades by the Massoni family, Iain Hewitson and the Grossi family, this eating and drinking institution is back with new life and ready to welcome guests all over again and begin a new history on Fitzroy Street.

Our Chef’s have created a neighborhood friendly menu that is seasonal and modern with a few St. Kilda quirks! The summer / autumn menu includes drool-worthy stuff like triple-cooked rare breed pork belly (with black pudding & pistachio crumble, fennel, orange and red vein sorrel), tangy ceviche (soaked in a zesty passionfruit and lemongrass sauce) and tender porterhouse steak served with chef’d up onion rings.

Reservations can be made on 03 9042 8573

We would love to welcome you to visit our iconic St. Kilda space……

Tolarno Hotel Eating House & BarTolarno Hotel Eating House & Bar

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