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Sunday, June 26, 2022

The Diary Of an Independent Publisher, Wednesday



The Diary of an Independent Publisher –
There are people, who, with almost everything they do, turn it into a Production. If you’re seeking peace, it can be a threatened intrusion. But, generally, you can absorb it and carry on.
Peace of mind is important. It helps us concentrate and feel confident about the decisions we’ve reached. And you don’t have to be a yogi or monk or visit an ashram. It is possible in the here and now. You can practice the deep-breathing technique and that can lead to meditation. And even if it doesn’t, you will emerge empowered. I’ve even experienced it, hanging out the washing. If a bird poos on your clothes, it can be a struggle.
I suppose the greatest benefit is to achieve calm. Good things can happen then. The more tranquil we are, the more likely we are to achieve what we want.
Life will throw at us what it wants but if you can take that in and use it as a lesson more than an impediment, you’re more than halfway there.
The beauty of human connection is that you may come across another who shares this and, in whose company, you feel calm. But it only works if they feel calm too.
This is where things can get remarkable.
Breathe slowly, move slowly (unless you’re avoiding being hit by a bus or at the gym) and don’t race with your thoughts.
We are all the same. We all will be put through things that test us. There is a saying that ‘only the strong survive’. And that may be right. But finding peace, through calm, will give you strength.
Is having a routine important? I have no idea on that one, except that it works for me. Read: martini.
It’s been a good day in the office, with a couple of new clients. I had been aware of a reluctance to get involved in this next edition, after the success of our 10th birthday. But this edition, coming out in December, is the most important edition. Because it’s now. And the now is important.
On the radio, news that the National Party are stalling on a decision on action on climate change.
But the world will move without them. They have left everything until the last moment. There ain’t much calm in that.