Should You Go for Reupholstery or Buy New Furniture?

Reupholstery Furniture

The furniture and upholstery of the place play a key role in making your place look beautiful. But at the same time, it becomes important for you to know that regular usage may make the upholstery and furniture undergo wear and tear, their demanding reupholstery. But, many homeowners are confused about whether they should go for reupholstery or buy a new one. In this blog, we will try to clear the air.

What Should You Do?

As mentioned above, the confusion between the replacement and refurbishing the upholstery is difficult to clear. There are certain parameters that you need to consider before making the decision.

1. Is The Furniture Old And Weak: One of the first things that you need to check how old is the furniture. If it is way too old and you find that it is not strong enough. Sometimes the furniture becomes old and is infected by termites. In such cases, reupholstering is not a good choice. The results are temporary, and you end up paying double the cost. So, it is always good to go ahead with reupholstery. You would not want to send it out or sell it; in such cases, it is always good to go ahead with reupholstery.

Reupholstery Furniture

2. Is it Required: Many a time we opt for reupholstery without considering the cost. Reupholstering a chair or sofa is an expensive affair, so make sure that you thoroughly scrutinize the fact whether you require it or not. In case you can continue with the old upholstery, there is no point going ahead with a new one and increase the budget. Do a need analysis, and if you find the need to change it, go ahead.

3. Compare The Costing: Before going ahead with reupholstery, it is important to check the pricing. It means that you need to check whether selling off the furniture and buying a new one is expensive or reupholstering is expensive, whichever comes at a lesser price and matches your budget, you can choose that one. An important point to note here is that you must also compare the price of upholstery; there is a different variety, design, and patterns which may cost differently. So, do a thorough check before going for reupholstery.

4. Keep Your Expectations Real: Well, reupholstering may promise to make your old furniture have a new look and adds to the aesthetic appeal, but it is important that you must keep the expectations realistic. For example, if you are going ahead with reupholstering a recliner, the company might make it new, add the necessary fluffiness, but don’t expect it to be the same as the new one. You must know that you are going for refurbishing old furniture and giving it a new look, so the things might differ now.

Reupholstery Furniture

Finally, we can say that reupholstery is a good choice, but it depends on whether you need it or not. In case you can continue with the old furniture, or you have some sentimental value attached to it, reupholstering is a good idea to keep the memoir alive for long. However, if you notice that the furniture is not good enough and is losing its life, then going ahead with reupholstery is a good move.

Many companies promise to make old furniture look brand new; they even style it differently, giving it a new appeal and look. Make sure that you have a look at their portfolio and work profile to understand the versatility of their work; this will help you in making the right decision.

Michael Hunt

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