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Questions to Ask Your Drug Offences Lawyer

Across the countries in the world, it is illegal to possess any controlled substances or drugs. If found with any drugs, you are charged with possession of drug charges. For you to face these charges, you will need the help of a drug offences lawyer. Their job is to either save you from the charges if they are false allegations or get you a reduced sentence if you are found guilty.

Here are some questions that you need to ask your drug offences lawyer before you hire their services:

  1. What is Drug Possession Charges?

There are different types of substances classified as illegal drugs by the law enforcement, and if you are found in possession of any of these substances without any proper documents like a medical certificate and if the medical certificate you are found with excess amount than prescribed, you are charged with drug possession charges.
  1. What Are the Penalties?

A different class of drugs have different penalty charges. In possession of Class A drugs like heroin, you can be charged with two years of jail time and a $2000 – $3000 penalty. An experienced drug offences lawyer who has worked different types of drug-related cases will be able to guide you about different types of penalty charges on different types of drugs.

  1. How Can They Help You?

A very experienced, aggressive drug offences lawyer will try to prove that though you were found with the drugs, you did not know that it was a type of drug and it is illegal to carry it around. They will also push your case with defenses like there is not enough evidence present to convict you, or you did not know where it came from etc. Your lawyer will perform all the necessary investigation work, go through the police reports, and find out the necessary information to leverage your case into innocence.
  1. Will There Be A Grand Jury in My Case Hearing?

Asking the right set of questions from your lawyer will let you know whether they have the right expertise and experience to handle your case. You must ask then about the jury who will be hearing the case. If your drug offences lawyer answers this question with a yes, then he is a knowledgeable lawyer. A grand is present in every case because they look at all the evidence, hear every statements and argument presented in the courtroom. Based on all this, they review the case and decide if the party is guilty or innocent.

  1. Will My Case Get Printed in The Newspaper?

Most of the people are worried about their case being covered in the newspaper. The case hearings are open to the public and local press unless it is of national security or related to children. So, whatever happens with your case, it will be reported by the local press with the names of the convicted party, the names of the lawyer, the prosecutor, and the judge on the case.

  1. Is There Are A Difference Between Felony & Misdemeanor?

A lawyer handling drug offence case will explain the difference between them very clearly. If it is the first time you are caught with an exceedingly small amount of marijuana, then you will be charged with a misdemeanor, but you are caught again and again with large or small amounts of drugs, you are charged with a felony drug case, which can lead to prison and other heavier consequences.

  1. How Long Does the Drug Charge Stay on Your Record?

If you are convicted with possession of drugs, it will be in your record for ten years from the date and day you are convicted, and it will stay on your record for a lifetime if you are convicted with jail time. It will not show on your record if you have received a Section 10. Condition release order without conviction gets removed from your record as soon as the bond is over.


These are some of the basic questions that you should be asking to a lawyer while hiring them. These are some of the many questions that you can ask your lawyer. Contact a team of lawyer that is available 24*7. Get references from local authorities or bar associations.

Michael Hunt

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