Tuesday, February 27, 2024
15.4 C

“One of the best meals I’ve ever eaten.” Again. And it’s true.

“One of the best meals I’ve ever eaten”: how often do we say/write this, on our travels?!

On today’s long morning walk, hungry for a late breakfast/early lunch, wander down the winding Núi Môt hem (alley) near the Big Roundabout in Nha Trang’s Lộc Thọ, to discover   this bright, new family gà (chicken) eatery, “Cóm Gà Núi 1”.

The menu pic does not deceive – if anything, the pic understates the quality, presentation and size of the meal.

The thigh/leg quarter portion is huge! Cóm Dùi Roti is crispy skin BBQ chicken with a tomato glaze, steamed rice with a warm, creamy home-made mayonnaise, dried shredded chicken skin, cucumber and steamed carrot/parsnip(?), Vietnamese mint, a side dish of the family’s sweet chilli & garlic sauce, and the palate cleansing little bowl of hot soup.

It’s too much! I put half in a take-away container. Easily two meals, for vnd120,000 (AU$7.70, US$5).

Oh, and on the next table was a container of live mealworms – for extra protein?

“Vietnam never fails to please” 😊

Greg Hackett

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