A chainsaw mill in Australia is a very useful sawmill that can turn logs into lumber.  It can be used by one or two operators. Once it has turned the logs into lumber, this same chainsaw mill can be used to construct furniture or used in construction.  Using it will help to reduce the time and effort to finish your project.

Before you start to use your chainsaw mill, make sure that you are wearing long pants, sturdy shoes, and a long sleeve shirt.  You should also make sure you are wearing goggles and thick gloves.  Make sure that you have a plan for handling the logs and slaps of lumber after cutting as they will be heavy before and after cutting. You should have another person to help you with the heavy boards and logs.

Beginning to cut

The most important part of this piece of machinery is the rails.  You need to make sure that the rails, also known as the stabbing rails, are set to the right height because the log you are working with will have a rounded top.  By ensuring this is correct, you will be able to your first cut flat and smooth.  You want to make sure that the rails of the Alaskan mill Australia extend past the ends of the log you are working on.  By doing this, the cut will be supported the whole time.


  • First: This is the most important cut you will make.  Look the log over and make sure if there are any parts of the log you want to preserve.  You can remove the Alaskan mill
  • Second: After the first cut is made perfectly it will help to guide future cuts.  If you are making lumber or beams, you need to make the second cut on the bottom of your log.  Most times, these two cuts will be sufficient.  As a result, you will have partially finished lumber.  One advantage here is you can start to work on your tree where it fell but you will perfect it elsewhere with a cool that is more precise than a chainsaw.  If the lumber is partially seasoned, you can season it before you finish. 
  • Third: If you decide to use a chainsaw mill Australia, to finish your lumber then you will need to turn it 90 degrees and then make your next cut.  To guide the saw for this cut you will need to use your slabbing rails again.  To make sure you have 90-degree crisp angles, you should use a carpenter’s square.  Not you are going to use this cut as your guide to transform the log into boards or lumber.


Now that you know how to use your Alaskan mill Australia to make lumber, you should have no problems turning out beautiful woodworking projects or having lumber to sell.  It is not hard to learn to use a chainsaw mill, but it takes practice, patience, and time to learn how to get the cuts just right.  Remember to always wear your safety equipment to avoid accidents.

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