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Introducing “Remonter”: A Powerful Musical and Bilingual (FR/UK) Collaboration Between SCROBA and AV ALLURE

Adam El Bacha, also known as SCROBA, is an international artist born in Amsterdam, with roots in Morocco. His childhood and education were immersed in the French language, resulting in him performing his music in French. His love for music began at a young age when he discovered Michael Jackson’s album “History: Past, Present, and Future, Book I.” Inspired to pursue a musical career, SCROBA started writing and freestyling during his teenage years, eventually joining a rap group. However, it was not until he survived a terrorist attack in Brussels that he fully committed to his dream of music.

He teamed up with producer Dani Silva Durand (a.k.a. AV ALLURE) on latest single “Remonter”. SCROBA’s music explores a range of genres while staying true to his urban roots. Together, they embark on a journey to create music that transcends boundaries and speaks to audiences worldwide.

“Remonter” by SCROBA and AV ALLURE is a testament that no matter how deep the fall, there is always a way to ascend and emerge stronger. Through their musical and bilingual collaboration, they deliver a powerful message of hope and resilience, resonating with audiences across cultures and languages.

After “Gata” and “Chuchu” earlier this year, SCROBA plans to release (at least) three multi-track EPs, each consisting of two songs. “Le Passé” (The Past), “Le Présent” (The Present), and “La Future” (The Future) will narrate the beginning, middle, and end of a relationship, capturing a range of emotions and experiences.

Stay tuned for more uplifting and soul-stirring music from SCROBA as he continues to inspire and touch hearts worldwide.


Tom L.

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