Tuesday, March 5, 2024
23.6 C

How To Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Can you survive the impending apocalypse?
Experience the drama that will supercharge your senses!
Witness the horror that is the zombie apocalypse in this interactive theatre production right in the heart of town.

The elite team from the School of Survival will be passing through town solely for the purpose to train you in this once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire all the skills you will need in order to survive impending doom.

Learn the ropes of zombie apocalypse survival and force yourself to face the question: “If a horde of zombies was let loose onto the world without warning, would you survive?”

Will you become the night’s sole survivor?

This last night stand against the zombie horde will be hosted in the confines of the City of Perth Library.

Shows (Silver & Bronze Membership)
02/02/2024 7.00pm (AWST) until 02/02/2024 8.30pm (AWST) | Admin Fee $20.00 | ALL TICKETS GONE!
03/02/2024 7.00pm (AWST) until 03/02/2024 8.30pm (AWST) | Admin Fee $20.00 | ALL TICKETS GONE!

City of Perth Library
573 Hay St
Perth, Western Australia

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