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Thursday, December 3, 2020

Black Sorrow’s Claude Carranza

black sorrow’s claude carranza
Since 1983, The Black Sorrows have continued to feature in the vast landscape that is the Australian music industry. With a legion of fans both here and across the globe, some of their many hits include Hold On To Me, Harley and Rose, Chained To The Wheel, and The Chosen Ones. The ARIA award band are coming to Melbourne next month performing a...

Trilogy Australian premiere Season: 21 – 26 June 2016

trilogy australian premiere season: 21 – 26 june 2016
A LARGE SCALE PROCLAMATION OF WOMEN OF ALL AGES, SHAPES, SIZES AND ABILITIES In an adventurous and celebratory performance event, Glasgow-based artist Nic Green exuberantly examines contemporary feminism and invites over 100 Melbourne women of all ages and backgrounds to share the stage in an energetic tribute with local and Scottish artists. Acknowledging the joys and complexities of identifying as a...

The Advantages of LED Downlights and LED Fluro Lights 

the advantages of led downlights and led fluro lights 
More and more people are changing traditional lighting out for LED options. Where once impractical for widespread use, developments in the technology have come to a point now where that is not the case anymore. As soon as people hear the move will save them money on energy bills and replacement lights with their lower energy needs and longer...

Desert Body Creep

desert body creep
Desert Body Creep performed by Angela Goh is brilliant, no two ways about it, it’s the kind of performance that makes you want to go back and revisit a second or even third time, imaginative, quirky and down right bizarre it is everything and more. Opening with a scene underpinned by the music of Willow Smith, it’s decidedly gen...

Philip Glass’ Akhenaten – Interview, Review and Pics

philip glass’ akhenaten – interview, review and pics
Michael Gillies-Smith interviewed by Blain Crellin In the beginning was the Source. Akhenaten - meaning "living spirit of Aten" (God and Source) was a Pharaoh of the Eighteenth dynasty of Egypt. He ruled Egypt and the World surrounding  for 17 years and died Circa 1336 BC..... the Sun became the only Source and God according to Akhenaten ... dispelling many other worshipped...

Vic Simms (Aboriginal Singer/Songwriter) – The Loner – CD

vic simms (aboriginal singer/songwriter) – the loner – cd
Normally $25 Special for TAGG and Toorak Times readers! An extraordinary CD is now available on the Australian market and Toorak Times and TAGG readers can now purchase this unique CD. See distributors write up below for full description of product. BUY NOW "The album The Loner by Vic Simms was recorded in one hour at Bathurst Gaol in a mobile studio provided...

Vicky Aisha Inspires Twerk

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Vicky Aisha –Australia’s high-profile dancer – inspires Twerk What a privilege it is to have a daughter as talented as Vicky Aisha! Doubly so, after she chose to be open and frank with me about her professional life! The result of six years of conversations is Twerk, a novel that puts dancers stage center in an edge-of-seat dark thriller. Vicky...

Call to artists: Albert Park College 2016 Art Show

call to artists: albert park college 2016 art show
Entries for all art show submissions close Monday 5 September 2016 at 5pm Albert Park College will be launching its sixth annual Art Show on Friday 14 October 2016 with a gala event at the college’s new Bay Street Campus in Port Melbourne. Artists are invited to submit 2-3 dimensional works selected by a panel for this annual exhibition taking place...

Cream of The Crate: Album # 155- Billy Thorpe: Tangier

cream of the crate: album # 155- billy thorpe: tangier
"Thorpe is in fine voice and it will be enough for many to hear that much missed vocal again." The Australian - Arts October 2010) "The album combines soaring orchestral arrangements with Arabic dance rhythms and a modern rock feel." (Patrick Donovan - The Age Music) "An amazing piece of work that begins to show where Billy Thorpe was evolving with...

Cream of The Crate: Album # 191 – Carol K and The Hitmen: California Creaming

cream of the crate: album # 191 – carol k and the hitmen: california creaming
"One of the most prolific and widely heard bass guitarists, playing on an estimated 10,000 recordings in a career spanning over 50 years" (Wikipedia) "The thing that really made me sit up and take notice was the bass lines." (Paul McCartney talking of Carol K's bass playing on Pet Sounds) "In the world of bass guitar, Carol Kaye is a legend."...