Elijah Cruise shares music video for new single “Suicide in her Head”

elijah cruises shares music video for new single "suicide in her head"

Elijah Cruise, the mastermind behind the latest hit single “Suicide in Her Head”, has once again proven his prowess in crafting music that transcends genres and connects with the deepest recesses of the human soul. Released with a music video that mirrors the haunting beauty of the song, “Suicide in Her Head” is an emotional journey that beckons listeners to confront the shadows within.

Beyond the spectacular beat, captivating rhythms, succulent synths, and Elijah’s hauntingly gorgeous vocals, “Suicide in Her Head” derives its true power from its visceral lyrics. Elijah fearlessly exposes the inner turmoil of a girl battling mental demons, inviting listeners to witness a raw and unfiltered portrayal of silent struggles.

So delve into the haunting world of ‘Suicide In Her Head’ with the captivating music video:


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