ducted heating system- a new but efficient central room heating system

In some areas, winters can be deadly, with the snow falling for the entire night and giving chills the next morning. It’s really painful to wake up and come out from the blankets’ comfort and start the day during this time of year.  Under such circumstances, the only option you are left with is installing a central heating mechanism in the house. In earlier days, fireplaces and heaters were placed in rooms to keep the ambiance warm. But, with the invention of new technologies, those methods have become obsolete. In this present time, you can bid farewell to the winters’ harshness by using a ducted heating system in your residence.

It does sound quite weird, isn’t it?

Well, if you are familiar with the central air conditioning system, you might have some idea about this ducted central heating mechanism too. But, if you don’t, then it’s not a big matter because we will talk about this new technology today. We will discuss about the fundamentals of the heating system, how it works, the advantages, and so on.

What Is A Ducted Central Heating System?

From the term “central,” you can understand that a ducted heating system has a centralized mechanism, which in turn heats up the rooms where the ducts will open. For some of you, this explanation would not sound too clear. So, let us look at the components of the system and their placements.

  • Right in the middle is the core heating system. It consists of copper wires which absorb electricity and gives off heat energy. There is a fan that draws in the air from the grillers for heating.

  • There is a thermostat inside this core heating system. This thermostat’s work is to regulate the temperature and not allow it to exceed the rated limit. If the central core system gets heated up excessively, the thermostat will melt and break the connection.

  • Some vents allow cold air to enter the central heating system.

  • Once the air gets heated up, they become lighter and flow through the ducts that open in different places, like the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, lounge, etc. These ducts of the ducted heating system are heavily insulated with poor heat conductors, reducing the heat energy from the air.

Is The Ducted Heating Worth The Money To Be Spent?

Now, it’s a very common query that many people have- are the heating systems

worth the money they cost.

Well, rather than speculating about the answers too much, let us see why it is indeed worthy of every dollar you will spend.

  1. The ducts can have openings in a single room or in multiple rooms. So, with one single heating system, you will be able to provide comfort to the entire home, even in the basement and the attic.

  2. The ducted heating system is indeed quite efficient in energy consumption. As a result, your electric bills wouldn’t spike up too much, even if you are using for hours in the winters.

  3. The ducts distribute the hot air evenly in the entire house. No room will get hotter air than the other, because of which this system is preferable than others.

  4. The entire heating machinery can be controlled using a remote system. So, you will be able to master the air’s hotness just like you operate the air conditioners.


The ducted heating system is a relatively new concept about which most people do not have a vast idea. But that does not mean you cannot know more about it. Therefore, we have tried to provide as much information as possible about how it works and what its advantages are.