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COASTCITY and FABRO Unveil Summer Latin R&B Track “Afterlife”






In an enchanting blend of Latin and R&B influences, Grammy-winning duo COASTCITY presents their latest release, “AFTER LIFE”. Collaborating with the rising Venezuelan star FABRO and crafted in Argentina, the Puerto Rican musicians have reinvented the genre and made a track that resonates with emotional depth and soulful melodies – and what better for a Summer anthem!

The release of ‘AFTER LIFE’ marks COASTCITY’s first-ever collaboration with the rising talent FABRO. The latter joined D COAST (Danny Flores) for a memorable collaborative session in Buenos Aires. The result is a track that carries a dark and emotional undertone, taking listeners on a poignant journey of love that transcends beyond a single lifetime. The song explores an unresolved conflict that finds solace in the afterlife, touching upon themes of healing and emotional discovery.

COASTCITY came into existence at the perfect convergence of two remarkable talents – Jean Rodríguez and Danny Flores. Before forming the duo, both artists had already made their mark in the music industry, contributing to the success of renowned artists like Ricky Martin, Beyoncé, Karol G, Sting, Christina Aguilera, and The Weeknd, to name a few. Jean’s expertise in vocal production and Danny’s musical direction skills set the foundation for their collaboration.

Their exceptional talents did not go unnoticed. COASTCITY received nominations at the 2019 Grammy Awards for Best Rock Alternative Album and at the Latin Grammy’s for Best Urban Album of the Year, solidifying their position as formidable forces in the music world. Moreover, Jean Rodríguez’s achievements at the 2022 Grammy, with five wins in various categories, further speak to their mastery of the industry.

The 2 producers are definitely ones-to-watch so make sure you follow them and listen to ‘AFTER LIFE’.


Tom L.

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