What comes to your mind when you hear the word fashion? Of course something related to style and something cool, trendy and sleek. However, what is the key elements when it comes to the topic of fashion?

We all know that fashion mostly comprises of clothes which are unique in style. However, that is not the only constituent. There are other factors as well. Examples include shoes, watches, belt, and rucksack (if any), and most importantly how you carry them. And that serves all the purpose.

1)      Wear crease-free clothes

Clothes reflect one’s personality. If the clothes are not adequately ironed and they are creased, then they do not reveal or reflect your personality properly.

One must always take care of the fact that one’s clothes must always be properly ironed.

However, this is not always possible. This may be because the person may be in a hurry or the iron is nowhere nearby. It can also be the cause that the iron is not hot and the person cannot wait for it to heat up properly. There is a solution to this which serves as a life hack. One can kill creases with ice cubes. This helps in removing the fine lines. Fine lines may sometimes appear to be friendly. Yes, some dresses do look cool with the crease on, but that is not always the case. There, this life hack comes out to be very much handy.

There are also other alternatives to this process. But these are not always as efficient as the process involving ice. The alternative is a quite undesirable process. This is because it takes a lot of time, which initially was the problem busy people wanted to overcome. Another problem associated with the process is that a lot of water is wasted.

2)      Rolling up the sleeves of the shirt

Rolling up the sleeves is one of the most important and crucial things that can change the entire look of an individual. I personally prefer folding up the sleeves like a marine.

The following steps can achieve this process:

  1.      Unbutton the cuffs of the shirt
  2.       Start with fully extended sleeves
  3.       Start bending the sleeve right from the cuff and curl it upwards
  4.       Repeat the entire process for the other arm.
  5.       Pat and straighten up the cuffs to ensure there are no creases

3)      Wear a proper and matching watch

As long as the matter is regarding watches, my first preference is Longines master collection. Yes, there are a lot of other options, but I prefer this for myself. However, there are also other factors which needed to be taken care of. These include:

  •         making sure that the strap is not slackening.
  •         the colour of the strap matches with your dress.
  •         the watch does not look too clumsy.
  •         the watch should fit and match with your wrist properly.

4)      Turn Baggy Jeans to Skinny Jeans

Baggy jeans are now very much backdated and have also been made obsolete in almost every possible way by the new the trend of skinny jeans, or skin-tight jeans as many people call it.

5)      A regular tie can also be converted into a skinny tie.

Like jeans, the new trend of turning wide to slim has also affected the taste of fashion for ties. The generation also witnessed the shift of people’s choice and taste from the wide ties to the slim and narrow ties. Many people also call it skinny ties.

6)      Sitting down while trying on a button-down shirt

If the collar of a shirt can be fastened to it via buttons, then it is called a button-down shirt. Sitting down while trying on a button-down shirt gives a better fit. This is mainly because while sitting down, a person is seen like someone fatter in comparison to the same person standing up. And that is how using this process I find out the perfect size for when buying myself some slim-fit shirt. Moreover, the process is very much efficient and effective, and most importantly, it is hassle-free.

7)      Take immediate action to clean toothpaste stains.

Toothpaste leaves a white stain behind, on the fabric they fall on, if not treated immediately.

To clean properly, the following methods can be applied:

  1.       Toothpaste stains fuse with the garment’s fibres very fast. Hence immediate action is needed.
  2.       Blot and gently smudge the stained surface with moist and clean cloth. Wiping is strictly prohibited as they leave the chance of making the colour on that spot paler. A minute amount of detergent in lukewarm water is highly advisable to use.
  3.       Repeat the process and keep rinsing regularly a few times until the spot is clean. Leave it to dry. A hair dryer or anything similar, which gives off hot air can also be used.

8)      Match your socks

Some people always try to match their socks with their pants. This brings in aesthetic looks and feels in them. They do look a lot cooler and more beautiful than the rest.

9)      Wear white in summer

During the summer, many people like wearing light coloured clothes, especially white ones. This is because white clothes absorb the least amount of light energy when compared to others. This is because the more energy anything absorbs, the hotter it becomes.          


We all like life hacks. And if it is a hack that makes the job quicker, make our lives a lot faster and make us more productive, then it is of utmost importance to the people.

All the quick fashion hacks in the passage are simple yet a life saver. They all serve their purpose exceptionally well but only when they are used properly. However, if one is tried with another and that too in a mixed-up way, then the result may neither be desirable nor satisfactory. Then the matter would then be similar to what Sir Issac Newton has said. Here we are considering a fish to be stupid by judging its ability to climb a tree. Thus we all should always be wise.