6 Rituals to Help You Sleep Like a Goddess

Rituals to Help You Sleep Like a Goddess

Getting a good night’s sleep is the first step toward feeling energized and productive throughout the day. However, sleeping peacefully during the night can be challenging, mainly if you’ve been dealing with stressful situations lately. Even if not, sleeping issues can affect you, which is why it’s important to lead a healthy lifestyle in order to sleep better. Rituals can be of great help, so here are some of them that you should consider before bedtime, in order to sleep like a true goddess. 

1. Make your bedroom relaxing and peaceful 

Make your bedroom relaxing and peaceful

The way your bedroom looks and feels can have a tremendous effect on the quality of your sleep. Therefore, be sure to make it as relaxing and peaceful as possible: paint your walls in a colour that promotes relaxation, rather than aggression. Lilac, mint green and beige are always good choices. On the other hand, colours such as bright orange and red tend to cause energy spikes, which is why they’re better suitable for a kitchen, or a living room. Also, it’s important to make your bedroom dimly lit, so you’ll be able to fall asleep peacefully. 

2. Stay away from too much screen time 

Sure, replying to all your emails or finishing your work before going to bed is fine, but you shouldn’t spend too much time on your devices if you want to have a good night’s sleep. This is due to the fact that cellphones, tablets and other similar devices emit blue light that can interfere with your sleep. 

Therefore, be sure to stay away from too much screen time at least one hour before going to bed, and instead try reading a nice book, or listening to relaxing music, or a podcast. Muting all your notifications or putting your phone on silent mode will prevent you from being woken up in the middle of the night, or even worse, right while you’re falling asleep.  

3. Remember that your bed is your oasis

Remember that your bed is your oasis

Think of your bed as your perfect island where you can relax and sleep without being disturbed. But if you want to make that happen, you should ensure that your bed is comfortable, so you won’t wake up with backache and neck ache every morning. Also, if your bed has an uncomfortable mattress that you cannot replace, feel free to invest in a quality topper mattress that will support your back and ensure comfortable and peaceful sleep. 

Additionally, it’s essential to remember that your pillow plays a big role, so it’s important to get one (or two!) that will help you sleep well. Aside from the pillow, it’s recommended to look into Wake In Cloud bedding made of carefully selected fabrics that promote healthy and relaxing sleep. All of this can make a huge difference when it comes to getting a night of good sleep, so be sure to invest some effort in getting a good bed, pillow and bed linens.

4. Spray some essential oils 

Essential oils can be amazing for your wellbeing, mainly if you’re trying to reduce stressful emotions before going to bed. Lavender oil is particularly helpful as it has relaxing and soothing properties, plus it can be a great bug repellent during the summer. Spritzing some lavender oil into the air will create a pleasant atmosphere, perfect for transitioning to resting mode. 

5. Have some time for yourself 

Have some time for yourself

Having some time for yourself before bed can help you unwind and transition into sleep mode. This is especially important if your day-to-day life is filled with many tasks and chores. Hence, feel free to have some quiet time with yourself, drink a nice herbal tea or meditate. That way, you’ll feel more relaxed, which in return, will help you fall asleep faster. 

6. Stretch your body 

If you’re sitting behind the office desk all day, then it’s very likely you’re feeling stiff. Stiffness can negatively impact your sleep quality, which is why it’s recommended to do some stretching exercises, to relax muscles and promote blood flow. You can even do a bedtime-appropriate yoga flow, as long as it’s relaxing and doesn’t demand too much movement. Some of these exercises can be also done in bed, so feel free to do them right before going to sleep. 


Your sleep matters a great deal, so be sure to adopt some rituals in order to relax your mind and body, and prepare yourself for bedtime. These rituals will help you get started, however, feel free to add some of your own, but make sure to keep them relaxing, so you will be able to unwind and transition into a calm and restful sleep