Zen and the Art of Home Renovation: 5 Tips for Finding Peace in the Chaos

zen and the art of home renovation: 5 tips for finding peace in the chaos

zen and the art of home renovation: 5 tips for finding peace in the chaos

Renovating is a stressful and messy time – after all, you’re literally ripping your house apart and putting it back together. Unfortunately, this stress can impact other areas of your life, making it neither healthy nor helpful. 

Whether you’re planning floor and tile removal in Melbourne or building an extension in Sydney, prioritising steps that promote tranquillity amidst the chaos is essential. To aid in this, we’ve compiled a list of tips that will provide a sturdy foundation for your journey towards inner peace while crafting your dream space.

Batch similar tasks

Doing your renovations in stages can help you manage the process (and your budget) more effectively. However, if you’re not careful in how you set these stages, you can end up creating unnecessary extra work. For example, going room by room allows you to live in a house while renovating. However, it can waste a lot of time and money by preventing you from batching tasks. It often makes more sense to batch similar tasks so you can be efficient with your contractors and equipment hire.

Choose Quality Materials

When you’re renovating your home, the materials you choose are really important. They not only affect how things look but also how sturdy your home is. So, it’s a good idea to pick high-quality materials and ensure they are securely bonded.

For example, opt for high-quality screws to ensure the stability of fixtures, select dependable sealants to effectively close gaps, and choose reliable adhesives for affixing tiles and panels. Evaluating materials from a reputable sealants manufacturer in Australia can provide you with options that meet stringent quality standards and are well-suited to the unique demands of your renovation. Additionally, renowned manufacturers like Germany offer a diverse range of top-notch fixtures known for their durability and functionality. Prioritizing the quality and secure installation of materials is essential in creating a home that is both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound.

Make Space 

It can be tempting to simply move your belongings to another room of the house. However, clutter causes stress at best and injuries at worst, so it really isn’t worth it, especially when there are plenty of affordable storage units in most Australian towns. 

Have a Flexible Schedule

If you expect everything to run on schedule you’re probably in for a nasty surprise. In most instances, renovations take longer than anticipated. So by thinking you’ll have everything done in the shortest time frame possible, you’re setting yourself up for failure. 

While a single trade will be able to stay on schedule as long as they don’t encounter any unexpected variables, multiple trades working alongside each other are far more likely to encounter problems. With this in mind, it’s best to assume things will take longer than anticipated. This goes double if you’re taking a DIY route with some or all aspects of your renovations.

Stay Well Within Your Budget

Budget blowouts are one of the most common issues that occur during a renovation, and they can cause significant distress. To avoid this, work out what the top of your budget is, and then stay well below it. While this may mean compromising on certain aspects, it’ll be worth it for the peace of mind it brings. When unexpected expenses pop up, you’ll know you’ve got enough in the bank to cover them. 

Don’t Forget the Little Luxuries

Finally, little luxuries can make a space shine, but they’re often forgotten about when you’re dealing with big-picture projects. By putting some time and thought into the little things, however, you can create a space that you’re much happier with. The effort you put into these mini-projects can also help distract you from the chaos around you, so you’ll win on multiple fronts. 

This might mean finding a nice heated towel rack that matches your tapware and handles. Or it might mean taking a break from the dusty worksite to shop around for the best frying pan in Australia. Picturing these beautiful details in your space can give you the calm attitude and patience needed to make it through the hectic parts of the renovation process.

These tips should help you keep your calm while renovating, but it’s also important to focus on self-care during this time. Remember – the mess and stress are temporary. Focus on what you will have achieved when the project is completed, and you’ll have a much better time throughout.

Photo: Karl Solano / Unsplash

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