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The Sprinkler is recruiting for a short-term contract.
Having tried Circular Dating, taking advice from 5 yr olds, and unsuccessfully trying to date Rob Mills, dating feels like a damn job and Sprink has had it. So, to avoid another Valentine’s Day with her angry cat (not code), Sprink is hiring a date for the night.

Position title: Valentine’s Day Date
Duration: 2-4 hours. With the option of extention.

Duties include: taking The Sprink on a Valentine’s Day date. Smooches not guaranteed.

You must be: Funny not lame (unless its uber lame, then its kewl), feminist, single, employed (Sprink pays in high fives, not the monies), not a jerk.

What it’s like to work for The Sprink:
Sprink is fun and will brighten your darkest hours with tales not even she is sure are fabricated or not.
Sprink will look at you adoringly all night, except if you start talking to her about sport in which case, the contract will terminate immediately.

To apply:
Please describe yourself in 25 words or less, and send through the Valentine’s Day date you would take The Sprink on if you were to be the successful candidate: info@thesprinkler.com.au

Previous applicants need not apply.

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