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An evening with Lucinda Light






An evening with Lucinda Light
In 2024 Lucinda Light shone through our TV screens and stole the heart of the nation as this year’s breakout star of Married at First Sight Australia.

A radiant beacon of love and light Lucinda’s unique personality sparkles in all her endeavours and ‘An evening with Lucinda Light’ is no exception, dedicated to sharing her compassionate heart and profound insights on emotional intelligence (EQ).

Born on the day of the storyteller, Lucinda invites you to share her journey of wild-hearted adventures developing her own EQ, infusing the path with humour, free-spirited expression and personal reflections on her practice of kindness, conscious communication, inclusivity, empathy and forgiveness.

Lucinda finds inspiration in family, adventure, self-development, and creativity. Alongside her thriving business, she actively supports charitable causes, embodying her deep-rooted hope for humanity’s brighter future.

Shows (Silver & Bronze Membership)
12/07/2024 8.00pm | Admin Fee $16.90 | Book Tickets

Brunswick Ballroom
314 Sydney Road
Melbourne, Victoria

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