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This is Tom. He grew up in Wang with his brothers, eating dirt and swimming with sheep in the creek. He decided he wanted to use his brain instead of his good looks (dem Gosling vibes tho), so became a journo. Nek minnit he is exec producer of The Project and..

How big is Waleed’s Logie and have you touched it?
It’s bigger than I expected, and yes he let me touch it a few times. I was gentle.

What’s the stupidest thing that’s happened backstage at The Project?
I’m contractually obliged to say nothing stupid has ever happened backstage at The Project.

Kewlest celeb you’ve met?
Slash from Guns N’ Roses. He was super engaging and we talked shit about his tour and what I do in my job. I basically hung out with my hero for half an hour before I went full fan boy and asked him to sign my copy of Appetite For Destruction before headed out on to our set.

Fave segment you’ve been part of?
It’s tough to choose one so I’m going to be self-indulgent and tell you three.

  • I helped Tommy Little get naked with a guerrilla campaign to raise awareness for HoMie.com.au, a Melbourne-based charity that sells clothes to raise money for initiatives that help the homeless. The campaign raised over $100K and HoMie made three months’ worth of sales in three hours.
  • I wrote a piece with Waleed called ‘Milked Dry’ about the Dairy Crisis in 2016. After it aired, supermarket shelves were empty of their branded milk for weeks, as Australians got behind our farmers. The Federal Government finally acknowledged the crisis and dedicated half a billion dollars to a loan scheme to help farmers. Like Waleed’s Logie, it was huge.
  • Waleed and I kicked off the whole #BanTheBag movement last year which got 200,000 Aussies to sign our petition and prompt Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews to ban single-use plastic bags. We also got Coles and Woolies to take action – but NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, still hasn’t. Full credit to Craig Reucassel and the team who worked on the War On Waste series over at the ABC. They really captured peoples’ imaginations and turned up the heat as well. Without them, there would still be 10 million plastic bags being used in Australia each day.

JAYSUS bro, you’re changing the lives of us Aussies with your 5min feature stories. What is something that changed your life tho?
I saw my older brother play a gig in Benalla when I was about 10 and it made me want to be a musician more than anything else in my life. From there, I’ve been playing and writing music pretty much ever since.

Greatest thing to happen to you?
I discovered a song I’d written had been remixed by an eastern European DJ, and stumbled across a video on YouTube of a dance party of about 1,000 Russians dancing to my voice remixed over a club beat.

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