The 4 Things to Never, Ever Procrastinate when you move

the 4 things to never, ever procrastinate when you move

Nowadays, moving houses can be stressful and may need a lot of planning until the last moment for the operation to be deemed a success. 

Moving can turn into a living nightmare if you keep putting things off. By procrastinating we generally end up with a slew of tasks waiting around to be checked off the list.

Mr. Sant, the founder of Supercheap Interstate removalists  was quoted saying, “Leaving everything for the end can make moving houses even more stressful and can also leave you in the middle of nowhere. You can’t hit the snooze button on moving forever. Planning , booking the removalists, will always make your move smooth and seamless.” Mr. Sant has been a part of the moving industry for more than a decade now.

Here are four things we should never procrastinate about when we are moving :

  • Finding packing solutions

While moving houses, we often find boxes as the best packing solutions as boxes are lightweight, compact, and can easily accommodate all small household items. 

Other than boxes, we can also get large jute and cloth bags as an alternate packing solution, but they also have the disadvantage that they need to be carried around each time, and also they can tear up anytime while carrying heavy items. This may sound like a lot, but you have to do it sooner rather than later. 

We often think that we can find an appropriate packing solution a couple of nights before, but we often end up struggling to find boxes or other packing items and just end up with a load of stress. 

While moving you might sit and think, “do I really need to do this now? I will just handle this tomorrow”, but end up postponing things, making your moving process more complicated and messy at the last moment. 

You might end up panicking a few days before d-day blaming everything on your procrastination habit.

  • Finding professional movers

You can make moving easy with secure, and professional house movers who can safely move your things from one place to another. 

Finding professional movers isn’t a big task, but procrastinating about it and leaving it to the last minute can also create a big problem for you. 

We often think that we can get movers anytime and we will be easily moving our things. But the reality is that sometimes we have to make an appointment with them and during the moving season they are available if you book them in advance.

We often have to adjust our move date with the booking date of the movers, and it certainly can’t happen if we leave things to the last minute. 

  • Getting help from others

We often end up in situations when we have to get help from others, and due to overthinking it, we end up alone and helpless. Procrastination can make us overthink every situation because of which we keep delaying the work to another time.

We may feel awkward taking help from our friends who can make our work much easier just by lending a helping hand. 

Don’t be shy to ask for help when you genuinely need it. However, if you ask your friends at the last minute, they might have prior commitments and may not be able to help you out. In such a situation, you will ultimately have to do everything by yourself, and it can make moving gruesome and tiring. Instead of working like a lone wolf, call some of your friends and turn it into an event while making moving fun. 

  • Eatables and other supplies

Instead of completely depending on take-out, keep some last-minute snacks handy. Moving can be exhausting, and at the end of the day, you will just want to eat something quickly and doze off. You wouldn’t even have the energy to wait about half an hour for the take-out food to get there. It’s better to go grocery shopping beforehand and get eatables for moving day.

Also, if you call your friends or neighbours for help, it is always better to be able to whip something up for them. Santa would never let his elves go hungry; keep some wine, some juice, cheese and crackers ready for everyone to enjoy after a tiring day.

When we move houses, there are many things we should think about in advance, and we should not leave these things for the last. However, the following methods can help make your moving process a lot easier:

  • Not leaving packing solutions for the last day and having a backup in case something different from what we have thought happens
  • Always having a booking from the movers and adjusting the move date according to the booking. 
  • Always inform friends and family in advance so that they can come anytime if help is needed at the moment.
  • Ensuring the essential supplies are ready with you so that everything is available when you move.