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Rock Band Sour Ops Release Anthemic New Single ‘Night Magic’

Nashville rock band Sour Ops has graced us with their long-awaited single, “Night Magic.” With an intriguing fusion of guitar-driven sonic minimalism and a laid-back lyrical cynicism, Sour Ops conjures a sound that seamlessly transports us to the golden era of early American proto punk and the irresistible melodies of riff-oriented Power Pop. “Night Magic” is a testament to their prowess as exponents of both guitar pop and rock, drawing inspiration from iconic artists such as the Stones, Bowie, and the Sex Pistols. The single captures the essence of guitar-driven music in all its glory. 

Sour Ops boasts a productive musical history, having released a series of riff-heavy singles in 2020. The tracks featured hints of Big Star-like folk-country woven into their well-designed sound, which “Night Magic” continues to explore. The lyrics are universal, delving into the magnetic allure one feels toward another, even when they know an inevitable downturn lies ahead.

In “Night Magic,” the guitar riffs and licks are quintessentially Sour Ops, drawing inspiration from Memphis musicians such as Big Star, The Scruffs, and Tommy Hoehn. They deftly grasp the past while relentlessly pushing the boundaries toward an exciting musical future. “Night Magic” is not merely a song; it’s a sonic journey through time and space, inviting us to revel in its enticing blend of classic influences and modern innovation. Sour Ops’ distinctive sound continues to captivate and intrigue, leaving us eagerly anticipating their next musical expedition.

Check it out here:

Tom L.

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