Metro Tunnel Creative Program Reconciliation Week Aboriginal Walks

Metro Tunnel Creative Program Reconciliation Week walk along the Birrarung Marr (the Yarra River).

Co-presented with the Koorie Heritage Trust as will give participants the opportunity to learn how the land on which Melbourne is located, has changed over time and learn the significance of the Birrarung Wilam to the local Kulin peoples.

Participants will gain a deeper and more meaningful understanding of this incredible location, an important gathering place for the Kulin Nation and one of Melbourne’s most popular meeting hubs, and gain rich and complex history of the world’s oldest continuous living culture.

Led by experienced Aboriginal guides, participants will discover the rich history of Melbourne’s CBD through a unique perspective.

“As the Metro Tunnel is going to change the way people will move through this city, it’s important that we acknowledge and respect the many First Nations communities that have been travelling through Narrm, now known as Melbourne, and using this land as a gathering and meeting place for over 60,000 years,” said Evan Tattersall, Rail Projects Victoria CEO.

“We are pleased that the Metro Tunnel Creative Program can share some of this important knowledge by enabling Koorie Heritage Trust to offer these walks to the public at no charge as part of Reconciliation Week,” he said.

The one-hour walks will be held on Tuesday 28 May at 2.30pm and Wednesday 29 May at 2pm.  There are limited spots available, so get in early to reserve your spot.  Bookings are essential and can be made through

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