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Lexitimo Mencia de Paraje Lugar Valbuxan 2019

Field blend $76.00 Spain

Before I go any further; I love Spanish wine, for me it offers value for money and it’s a wonderful food wine.
As the wine was poured, sloshing into the long-stemmed Shiraz glass.
The perfume of ripe red berries offers just a glimpse or a  hint of meat and wood wafting up from the glass. Causing me to salivate in anticipation of what was to come.
For me, this is just what I was longing for, a real wine. Something that’s not a new world Spanish wine made clean to please the masses; And to help wine sales of course, with it’s fresh fruit and soft edges.
This is a wine with personality; there is fruit, however, it’s dusty not sweet or overripe, finishing dry in the mouth, a little rustic, with enjoyable tannins that reach their goal well before you swallow the last drop, as it dissolves over the palate offering depth of fruit with a little heat from alcohol followed by wood layered with spice.  As the tannins guide, rather than dominate.
They fade into dusty fruit making the mouth pucker.
In most cases I have lamb with Spanish red wines simply because of the juicy meat, it goes well with the slightly earthy, tannic style of Spanish wine.
In this instance BBQ’ed leg chops as I prefer the deeper flavour of this meat with a little char around the edge.
Rating: 5 Stars *****
If you are a big fan of rich fruity Barossa Valley reds. This wine would not be my first choice for you. As you would possibly find the flavour is very un-Australian.

the new way we drink in 2022Michael Lillis

The Bon Vivant.

Michael Lillis

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